A trip to The Clock at the Tate is time well spent

If you have got time on your hands, then it won’t be wasted by going to see the brilliant Christian Marclay installation of The Clock at London’s Tate Modern. This is a film playing in real time that is a montage of thousands of film and television clips that include images of clocks and watches showing the time, strung together to make an entertaining narrative. Who could have known that clock watching could be such fun?  

The best of times

The film is 24-hours long, but unless you go to one of the special 24-hour screenings (and you are not allowed to take coffee in, so it would be a feat to stay awake!), just grabbing an hour or so of the film is time well spent. 

The worst of times

Whereas time spent in an office, in my experience, is often time wasted. I work from home, so if I am not actually doing something productive at my desk, I can go and do something productive elsewhere, such as by putting a wash on. Or I can even have a lie down if I need to (though I try and resist).  

In an office, on the other hand, in those times when you are either waiting for work to come to you, or just for inspiration to strike, you are stuck in an environment with limited options. I know some places have such exciting things as their own coffee bars and table tennis tables, but really, it’s not the same as being able to go off and really do what you want to. Which may be to have a complete break from work until batteries are recharged.  

For many creatives, unlike many of us journalists, the endeavour of coming up with ideas and then realising them, is a team effort, so working from home all the time is not an option. But I do feel the nine-to-five, or more likely, nine-to-well-past-seven, culture of many agencies is not conducive to great creativity, let alone a balanced and happy life.  

So if you are working somewhere where presenteeism is an issue, you have my sympathy. But if you don’t, then I highly recommend a trip to the Tate…