Belgium’s Tintin-inspired kit is the latest in a proud history of novelty designs

Belgium’s Tintin-inspired kit is the latest in a proud history of novelty designs

Belgium's Football Association has unveiled a new Tintin-inspired kit for this summer's Euros, joining a rich lineage of ‘fun’ soccer strip designs.

When you think of Belgium, you probably conjure up images of Poirot, chocolate boxes and, well, TinTin. 

It’s fitting then that the country’s away kit pays tribute to Belgian cartoonist Hergé's iconic character, replicating his signature outfit of a collared blue shirt, brown trousers, and white socks.

Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku, the Chelsea striker currently on loan at Roma, will be among those wearing the adidas kit this summer at the European Championship in Germany.

Indeed, the men's team will debut the new away kit in a friendly against England on 26 March.

Tintin first appeared in the Brussels "Le Petit Vingtième" newspaper supplement in 1929 and has since become a beloved global character associated with the nation.

But does it beat some of the world’s quirkiest kits?

We shamelessly love the new design, but where does it rank among the various questionable exercises in off-kilter kit design?

Cultural Leonesa’s Tuxedo Kit (2014/15)

This Spanish lower league club’s kit featured a tuxedo design, more fitting for a formal event rather than a football match. While we admire the tasteful use of Hummel’s insignia and the brass balls commitment to the concept, we imagine the players weren’t best pleased with looking like a colony of penguins at the Oscars.

CD Palencia’s Muscle Kit (2016/17)

Apropos of nothing, this Spanish club's kit depicted the human muscular system, referencing anatomy and fitness in a striking and somewhat humorous manner. If Kappa’s intention was to distract the opposition then perhaps that goal was achieved, but if they sought to intimidate… well.

Xolos’s Star Wars Kit, by Charlie Futbol (2015)

In collaboration with Star Wars, adidas released a limited edition Xolos kit featuring Star Wars designs and branding. It’s subtle enough to have the reference overlooked, and the colour scheme is on point. 

The force is strong in this one.

Zamora CF’s lightning kit, by Kappa (2018)

Spanish outfit Zamora CF’s third kit in 2018 is imprinted with a ‘real circulatory system’, with the team’s logo used in place of the human heart. 

A group of men wearing football uniformsDescription automatically generated

There’s even a thematically linked slogan on the back, reading: “The blood, that reddish fluid that transports life through our body, which is born and flows from the heart to nourish our emotions and feelings.”

It also makes the team look like stick men.

West Ham United’s Iron Maiden Kit (2019)

West Ham collaborated with the iconic heavy metal band Iron Maiden, featuring a design inspired by the band's logo and imagery. 

While it might have a few haters ‘Running for the Hills’, we’re unapologetic fans of this design.

Having a band sponsor a club isn’t breaking any rules, and it even nods playfully to both organisation’s faux-villainous appeal.

Image credits: X, Footy Headlines, The New Kits

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