Brilliant creative ideas are useless without the grit it takes to deliver them

Brilliant creative ideas are useless without the grit it takes to deliver them

Creative Realisation

Following the inception of a pitch-winning concept, the real fun starts as you move through to execution and make the bold reality. 

This is often the next phase of the creative process, where the original idea may need to evolve to meet the realities of delivery.

This is also where ideas often die after fulfilling their purpose of winning a pitch. 

Some ideas are unavoidably assigned to the creative graveyard as a bold concept that simply couldn’t be delivered…or could it?

True Grit

One of the key attributes I have seen that makes a team deliver not just pitch winning, but award-winning work, is grit. 

The determination to keep the core of a concept true, whilst evolving it to meet the requirements (sometimes opportunities), that are presented by actual delivery. 

Teams need to apply grit and determination, which obviously has to be supported by a belief in the original concept, to make the bold and brave happen.

This is a creative skill and an art in itself, and one that is often dismissed. 

Ideas die due to egocentric ideals that believe that the initial executional programme was the only way to deliver the concept, with full creative integrity, and any other way would simply be a betrayal, on the same level that we have seen on Game of Thrones. 

This mindset means many great ideas die, rather than deliver on their original purpose (which is generally, to communicate X message about Y brand).

Good to Great

I’d also add that this is where ideas are often made, taking them from good to great. 

Whilst the original concept could have been a moment of inspiration, or the result of a gruelling three-week creative process, the reality is that time often improves a concept. 

In the space of earned media, the world happens, which changes the context for any concept, providing opportunities and challenges. 

These need to be addressed or weaved into the activation, to make sure the idea flies, rather than dies.

Client Buy-in

This not only needs a team to be resilient, but also a client partner that is willing to see the concept morph, beyond the original idea, to one that can deliver far more. 

It is also important that consultancies take their clients on the creative journey, illustrating why a concept needs to evolve, and support the repitch that can often be required to the rest of the client’s business. 

Not only do agency teams need grit to make the bold happen, they also need clients with the same mindset to see the most inspiring creative concepts turn into reality.

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