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Feed your senses with the new content-led campaign from Castello by Mother | Creative Moment

Feed your senses with the new content-led campaign from Castello by Mother

Feed your senses with the new content-led campaign from Castello by Mother

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A campaign by Mother & Tastemade

Castello, Arla’s speciality cheese brand, has launched a new content-led campaign to encourage viewers to “feed your senses”. It was conceived by Mother and produced in partnership with Tastemade. 

The online content series centres on three longform hero episodes, each exploring a different taste profile: sharp, creamy and crumbly. The documentary format is hosted by a trio of taste experts: Material Scientist, Dr Johnny Drain; Food Anthropologist, Caroline Hobkinson; and Sensory Chef, Jozef Youssef. They use their insight to guide us through how changing the dining experience by adding, seemingly unrelated, stimuli can profoundly affect taste experience. For example the use of pointed shapes can maximise spiciness, the use of heavy eating implements heightens creaminess and the colour pink highlights sweetness.

Flavour is a complex creation that occurs within our brains, as we process external stimuli. Human brains are masters at building an experience picture that we end up remembering. Using these different stimuli helps to create a perfect brain hack - combining scientific insight with creative intuition to craft an experience for the brain, allowing people to have the richest flavour experience possible. Castello aims to open up a world of surprising and indulgent sensations for the audience with “Feed Your Senses.”

Mother partnered with Tastemade as a strategic partner on the project, not only for their production expertise, but also their deep understanding of online consumer behaviour around food content, built through their extensive fanbase. The longform films are to be distributed exclusively through Tastemade channels, helping to enhance credibility of the innovative scientific concepts explored. To generate further interest, a 12 of shorter films have been developed for social media and showcase practical ways of enhancing flavour - through hacks or recipes - designed to draw a wider audience into the hero content.


James Prentice, Global Snr. Brand Manager of Castello commented: 

“To maximise a taste sensation, we have to explore all the stimuli our brains take in. Together with Mother and Tastemade, we’ve experimented in new ways - all in pursuit of the perfect taste. 

This campaign is encouraging our audience to consider simple sensory hacks, to bring out the enhanced and unexpected taste profiles of Castello cheeses.”


Client: Arla

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