Creative Director's Cut: Escape to the ridiculously indulgent world of fashion

Creative Director's Cut: Escape to the ridiculously indulgent world of fashion
Fashion saves me (for 15 minutes)

Fashion saves me (for 15 minutes)

Marc Allenby, executive creative director, Chime Group

I feel quite poignant writing this as we hit the milestone of 100,000 lives lost through this tragic and horrific pandemic. The reality of grief, hurt and wondering when life will actually return has affected me more than I have allowed myself to acknowledge. As I’m writing this, I’m thinking is such an article about creativity even appropriate right now?

No doubt like many, at present my life revolves around my 4 walls; the room I work in, the home I live in and the area of London our home is in. Life has become quite stagnant. A trip down to the local feels so distant and the idea of a trip abroad feels like a fantasy right now. The vast majority of my life seems to be spent through a screen; whether that be my laptop, iPhone or TV! There’s no physical escape (apart from a jog around the park or the daily trip to Tesco) and the horrors of the pandemic are never far away.

So with this in mind – I found myself gazing into a different world yesterday. A world of fantasy and dreams. It was fabulous and it was a world I am usually quite cynical about – fashion.

It’s this time of year when the fashion houses reveal their vision to the world. Like everyone, they are doing things differently this year.

Dior and Vuitton have created content which has given me 15 minutes of pure escapism, joy and entertainment.

The level of craft and attention to these pieces is amazing.

Not many brands could pull this off right now. Its indulgent, sublime, frivolous, ridiculous, silly, nonsensical, extravagant and just dam right over the top in a brilliant way.

None of it makes sense – but the world doesn’t make much sense at the moment either, so why not?

Escapism is one of the best forms of creativity and right now I’ll take any form of it!

I never thought I’d be writing this but right now I’m eating my words - thank fuck for fashion!

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