Creative Director's Cut: Singing in the rain with Burberry

Creative Director's Cut: Singing in the rain with Burberry
Perfection never goes out of style

Perfection never goes out of style

Paulo Areas, partner & chief creative officer, Forever Beta

As we amplify audiences and explore new languages, there is one thing that never gets old fashioned: Perfection.

Many seem to underestimate how much the content quality still says a lot about the brand.

Often there is a lack of care for the detail or a tendency to aim only at the media reach and numbers. Never forget that before establishing a conversation, you have to have something interesting to say.

This Burberry piece is living proof of what good content can do to your brand.

The narrative, photography, choreography, and use of music is so outstanding, that at the end of the very short 2 minutes, it places the brand on a different level.

Engaging. Strong. For any media or audience.

It says a lot without saying one word and does exactly what advertising is supposed to do, connecting emotionally and delivering a clear message about a brand.

This one does not require (although it probably has) millions of media budget behind it to justify the lack of authenticity.

Would watch it all day.

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