Domino’s new campaign celebrates JOMO, the Joy Of Missing Out, by VCCP

Domino’s new campaign celebrates JOMO, the Joy Of Missing Out, by VCCP

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A campaign by VCCP

We’ve all been there! We call it FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out: the anxiety that ‘something cool’ is happening elsewhere, and you’re not there to experience it. 

The reality, however, is that most nights out are not what they are cracked up to be and most of us often wish we were staying in, at home with friends or family. 

Domino’s latest campaign celebrates just that, encouraging people to turn their back on one evening and bravely say “nah, I’m chilling”. Reassuring them that they are good right where they are and proclaiming that Domino’s is indeed ‘The Official Food of JOMO’; The Joy Of Missing Out.

Working with its creative agency, VCCP, the brand has created a campaign which gives an honest and comedic depiction of those moments you’re missing out on.

Where everyone else is shouting about bigger and better experiences, we just want people to be comfortable enough to appreciate a night in.

These are the moments which are free from obligation, where we get to choose everything and anything we want, and depicting true JOMO - Joy Of Missing Out.

Emily Somers, CMO, Domino's said:

"Domino's occupies a special place in people's hearts and minds and on any given evening, millions of us across the UK like nothing better than settling in for a night in with friends, family and our favourite pizza. But as a culture, we're told the opposite - that we should be out there doing something else, being busy all the time. JOMO is our antidote to this phenomenon and exults the specialness of the night in. We've worked closely with VCCP to develop this next instalment of our Official Food of Everything campaign".

Sam Heath, Creative Director, VCCP added:

"When you boil it down, what a lot of brands spend their time doing is getting you to carpe-the-diem. We relish the opportunity to do the exact opposite - celebrating a night in with Domino's as an active choice. If you're suffering from FOMO, then JOMO is your less pretentious, more relaxed remedy - I mean, I know where I'd rather be!"

The first spot aired during the Great British Bake Off final on Channel 4 (29.10.19) and will run across TV, Radio, Content, All4 Idents, Social, Digital Display, Menus, CRM


Agency: VCCP

ECD: Darren Bailes

Creative director: Sam Heath

Creative team: Chris Russell & Ahmed Ellabib

Agency producer: Charlie Hodges & Sydney McGauran

Integrated producer: Brad Willis

Media agency: Arena

Production company: Outsider

Director: Bart Timmer

Account team: Jessica Aspinall, Myles Cryan, Max Glanvill, Sophie Maher 

Planning: Gethin James

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