Finding great ideas can be as easy as picking blackberries

It is a common-held belief that if something comes easily, it probably isn’t any good. When you get out your pad, or iPad, and write down ideas for campaigns, it makes sense to ignore the ones that are top of the list. Surely those ideas must be rubbish if they came so quickly?  

Something for nothing
But it isn’t always wise to dismiss ideas just because you haven’t had to work for them. Sometimes great things do happen without you having to put in much effort. And to use that horrible piece of jargon, ‘low-hanging fruit’, why not grab at juicy ideas if they are placed right in front of you?

Whilst I am talking about picking fruit, I recently found some healthy, free, delicious food outside the front door, when I went blackberry picking. It was great to get something for nothing, apart from a few scratches from brambles. Okay, so some of the best berries may have been out of reach, but plenty were easily accessible.

Gift horses
Great work does always involve some hard work. But there are some gifts that your mind can give you too. So don’t dismiss an idea just because it comes to you easily. The hard way isn’t always the right way.