Get thee to a graduate art show!

Get thee to a graduate art show!

Art students don’t have the best reputation as serious hard workers, but as an art foundation student drop-out, I know just how tough studying art is. It is not enough to just have a passion for your subject, you need to be completely obsessed.  

Good and Bad

Visiting a graduate art degree show is both inspiring and depressing. It is inspiring because there is so much brilliant creativity – how do they do this stuff? Where do they get their ideas from? How can they be so talented at such a young age? It is depressing because these are the people that are probably going to push you out of a job!... They might not know everything you do, but they more than make up for it with their energy, talent and enthusiasm (which hasn’t been knocked out of them yet).  

Glasgow Show

I recently visited the degree show at Glasgow School of Art in a building which, despite being destroyed in the fire last summer, is still inspiring for its architecture as well as its contents. Having a penchant for a bit of colour and loving clothes, it was the fashion and textiles that stood out for me. The students seemed to have no limits to their talents, exploring fabrics, textures, materials and shapes in ways that were beyond original. And their creations still looked good, which is not always a test that modern art passes.  

Old Hands

Whilst in Glasgow, I also explored its Gallery of Modern Art which, although it contained masterpieces from artists including Andy Warhol, David Hockney and Stanley Spencer, failed to wow me as much as my trip to the graduate show. But this is not to say those artists aren’t geniuses, of course they are, but they couldn’t give me the element of surprise that new, emerging artists (well the good ones) can give.  

Be Gone!

So if you want to be amongst the first to spot new artistic and creative talent, get thee to an art show! Here you will find a list of graduate art shows on in London.

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