Happy Halloween!

I’m already stockpiling sweets to give to all the little horrors who will be ringing my doorbell next Wednesday. And soon I will be hollowing out the pumpkin to be placed in the window. I can’t wait to admire the mini skeleton, witch and Dracula costumes. To get vicarious pleasure from the thrill the little ones get from shoving their hands in a bowl of sweets to grab as many as they can. I don’t even mind the surly teenagers with sweet tooths who still think it is worth a try. At least they have the right sullen expressions as befits Halloween, and some of them are even dressed up as goths, because they are goths.

A very British tradition
For everyone who says it has all got very American, well so what? Not everything American is bad. All my favourite binge-watch dramas are from the US. And as it happens, trick-or-treating goes back to the Celts.

Fancy-dress to impress
Halloween is the best time to have a fancy-dress party. I know loads of people hate dressing up, but I find the most fun parties are those with people in costumes, because everyone is a little bit more friendly; as if putting on a costume really does make them a different person. The only problem is deciding whether to go as a cat, a devil, or my usual favourite, bride of Dracula. That’s the best one, because I find there are lots of potential Dracula husbands available to choose from, including my own, who always looks very unthreatening, probably because he wears glasses. Dracula with glasses is just not the same. Although he can get very scary when he’s driving to the party, especially if something awful happens, such as a traffic light turning red.  

Cold comfort
Any excuse for a celebration as the nights get shorter is fine with me. And one where people look silly, act silly and hopefully, there is some delicious food, is even better. From Strictly Come Dancing’s Halloween Special to corporate events festooned with cobwebs, this is the one time of year when I am not a party pooper. Just whatever you do, don’t mention Christmas! Then I will definitely have to bare my fangs.