How many creatives do you see over 45? Ravi Beeharry, senior creative at Amazon, asks for change in the industry

How many creatives do you see over 45? Ravi Beeharry, senior creative at Amazon, asks for change in the industry

When we finally move on from this horrific pandemic, I’m hoping our industry changes for the better. Because it has to.

Ad agencies should be coming out the other side as much more progressive, and rethinking how they operate. 

In my mind they can start by fully embracing flexible working (the last few weeks are proof that we can all do it), putting mental wellbeing higher up their list of priorities and paving the way for what a modern industry should look like. 

More diversity, more gender parity, more equality, more inclusion, are just a few of the ‘mores’ I would like to see. Oh, and more old people.

Talent. Experience. Knowledge.

Yeah, old people.

When I say old people, I really mean people in the same age group as me. 

People aged between 45-60, which I fall nicely into.

We’re a dying breed, in all senses of the word.

Sadly, our shelf-life finishes way before our expiry date. 

That’s a huge wealth of talent, experience and knowledge, ushered out like a drunk uncle at Christmas. 

On that first day back in your creative department, stand up and take a good long look around. 

As well as thinking about how many people of colour you see, and thinking about how many women you see, how many creatives over the age of 50 do you see?

Let’s not count ECD’s or CD’s, how many regular creatives aged 50 or above do you see? 

Not many right? If any at all.

What's on offer

The freelance market seems to take us in and offer a place for us to continue to do what we absolutely love to do, but for many, a change of career is forced upon us.

Some might say we price ourselves out of the market and agencies can get two junior teams for the price of a senior creative. 

There are valid arguments to both sides of this coin.

It’s a shame because “old people” like me still have so much to offer. 

Not just in terms of the work, but to the culture of an agency and the mentoring of younger creatives.

I’m not a Premiership footballer who can’t physically keep up with the modern game. 

I’m employed for my brainpower and thinking, and that’s as sharp as it’s ever been.

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