Cats in Ads

Cats in Ads

I admit it, I am a sucker for a furry face, in particular a cat furry face. 

And advertisers know that I am not the only one. 

There is no shortage of ads out there that try to reel you in by using the cute factor that cats provide.

Specsavers ads

Specsavers have created some brilliant ads over the last few years, and the classic cat with no pulse, where a vet mistakes a furry hat for a sick cat, is a prime example.

More recently it has created an ad where a cat is frustrated by someone (who should have gone to Specsavers) who has put the cat flap at the top of the door rather than the bottom. I have to confess, I am not sure how anyone could make this mistake, no matter how bad their eyesight, but the cat looks cute, so I forgive the creative idea.

Fave ad

My favourite cat ad is for Worcester Bosch boilers, which contains plenty of cats to bring a smile to your face. 

It also epitomises the cunning selfishness of cats, as the pet cat invites all the other local cats in when the family goes out, and whacks up the heating. 

My own cats would love to bankrupt us by having the heating on at sweltering levels if they could.

Cat food ads

Of course, cat food manufacturers are onto a winner, because all their ads have cats in them. Though I am not sure about the cartoon cat that Felix uses in its ads , because nothing can be as adorable as a real cat, right?

Here is a selection of ads from Whiskas, which definitely concentrate on feline power (apart from one strange one where a man is pretending to be a cat, not sure what that’s about…).

Silly cat films

There are plenty of funny little cat films that people post on YouTube, if you need cheering up for whatever reason (and I could give you plenty of reasons in February!), then knock yourself out and watch as many as you can until you are all catted out. 

I suggest you start with this one, always brings a smile to my face!

Who would have thought a cat jumping over a gate could be so cool? 

But then cats, unlike dogs, are always super cool.

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