Linda McCartney: A woman before her time who, sadly, died before her time

New discovery
There are always so many excellent exhibitions on at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum, that I hardly ever have the energy to visit any of the regular collections in the museum. Luckily, on my last trip, I decided to eschew the special exhibitions and head to the jewellery wing. This was closed. But I am very glad it was, as I found a whole section of the museum I had never seen before.  

Photographic masters
This is the photographic gallery. Wow. Here you will find one of the largest and most important collections of photographs in the world. Who knew? In a few rooms I saw a huge range of photographs, from early daguerreotypes to contemporary shots.  

The McCartney Collection
I found myself standing for a long time in front of the McCartney Collection. Linda McCartney was famous, not just for marrying you-know-who, but for capturing images of iconic figures from the 1960s, including the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and David Bowie. She was the first woman to shoot a Rolling Stone magazine cover, a photograph of Eric Clapton in 1968.  

My heroine
Linda McCartney was a woman before her time, who sadly died before her time aged just 56. Her veggie sausages are a favourite with current trendy vegans (including my two children) and I really admire how she publicised the animal rights movement. Isn’t it great when you stumble across amazing pieces of art when you are not expecting to? And it is always good to be reminded of inspiring people. 

So thank you V&A, and thank you Linda McCartney.