The most talked about creative campaigns of 2020

The most talked about creative campaigns of 2020

2020 has been a big year.

And it has seen an explosion of exceptional creative work.

Over the next few weeks up until Christmas, Creative Moment will be sharing the best of 2020 in several features highlighting some of the funniest, innovative, and thought-provoking campaigns this year.

We begin by looking at the work, in chronological order, that generated conversation in the industry, reactions, and opinions with the 'most talked about' campaigns.

1. Nike's 'Dream Crazier' campaign

Nike’s latest Just Do It campaign is a battle cry for the fighter in all of us.

"The ad is very cleverly written, as it appears to be about women, turning the ‘crazy woman’ stereotype on its head. 'Dream Crazier' is a real, inspirational, battle cry for the outsider, the underdog, the fighter in all of us. In sport, as in life, we are all capable of getting what we strive for. There is no better, or more empowering feeling than that."

Full review from creative director Carla Greco here.

2. Be a Lady They Said

Be Provocative They Said. A serious message from Girls. Girls. Girls. magazine

"Two weeks out from International Women’s Day and the same day Harvey Weinstein was sentenced, the film “Be a Lady They Said” was given a low-key “we’ll just leave it here and see what happens” release on social media. A week later and it has been seen by more than 20 million people."

Read the full review by Fever's creative director Jo Chappel here.

3. Fatima by the UK Government

What was 'that Fatima ad' all about?

"The internet nearly exploded after an advert on behalf of the UK government resurfaced. So why is it soooo bad?

Putting all of the blatantly obvious problems with the ballet dancer ad aside (it only took the brilliant minds of the creative industry to spell this out to the government), the larger issue at hand for me is around the messaging of this campaign

The government could’ve used positive messaging in this campaign saying, ‘We don’t care what your background is, cyber could be a career for you!’. But instead, they patronised people working in industries they have identified as irrelevant, and it hit a nerve!"

The full story is here, by Portland's creative director Leila Mountford.

4. Singing in the rain with Burberry

Singing in the rain and dancing in the street brings Burberry bang up to date.

"The CGI ice falling keeps the energy high as the dancers dodge, weave, and interact with the blocks of ice. Does the CGI become a bit much? Maybe. Does it end up becoming the focus? Potentially. Does it detract from the pace of the spot? No. So in that respect, it’s done its job perfectly and looks great whilst doing it.

This spot takes an iconic British brand and makes it feel relevant to the target audience, expressing itself as a brand with an updated vision, whilst retaining its D.N.A."

Read the full review from Saatchi & Saatchi's Ryan Wheeler here.

5. Have a Messy Christmas says Plenty

We wish you a Messy Christmas says Plenty in its new ad by AMV BBDO & Essity

"All the ingredients of a conventional Christmas ad seem to be there: decorations are up, relatives are gathered, wearing festive jumpers, cooking and cheering together...

But it shows us the side we never get to see, yet have all experienced – the messy chaos our loved ones bring. From our baby niece who gives us a milky ‘welcome vom’ to the dog’s surprise wee under the Christmas tree, the spilled gravy, the floored turkey, the mishaps, the awkward encounters, and all the things you can’t unsee. The reality is, Christmas with our loved ones is ‘always a mess. But it’s our mess."

More on this here, and click here for a Q&A with AMVBBDO's Toby Allen for an insight into how and why the ad was created.

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