Our Top 10 Summer Round-Up

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Our Top 10 Summer Round-Up
It seemed like it might have gone on forever, but it is all over now! 

Before we prepare for those longer autumn nights, let’s wring every last drop of sunshine out of the summer by reminiscing over our favourite Creative Moment reviews of the brightest months of the year.

These are your favourite reviews from the last few months, that show a range of creative hits and misses from brands ranging from Burger King to BBC Sounds to the Big Issue! 

Plus there are some worthwhile campaigns highlighting issues we all need to talk about, from organ donation to racial bias. 

Burger King takes the top spots but Santander, Big Issue, Water for Africa, KFC, IKEA, Vogue, Instagram stories and MoneySuperMarket all claim their positions offering us a broad spectrum of creative work. 


1. In Mental Health Awareness Week Burger King fails to appreciate the reality of suffering from mental illness

It’s good that a brand such as Burger King highlights the issue of mental health, but from the slick ‘pop’ video, to the #feelyourway hashtag, to the dig at McDonald’s, this campaign feels frivolous says Mark Perkins

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2. Burger King’s Burn That Ad campaign: One idea but here are two contrasting reviews

An app that lets you ‘burn’ rival fast-food ads? Naresh Subash loves it, but Jonathan Brigden isn’t so keen...

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3. Why Santander's spoof ad starring Ant and Dec was ‘impeccable’

Ian Irving gives top marks for this mockumentary ad which sees Ant and Dec launch their own bank called… wait for it… Antandec!

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4. In an era of rampant ‘woke-washing’, The Big Issue’s Pay It Forward initiative is a true campaign for good

Reviewed by Oliver Edwards, Big Issue and Monzo devise an ingenious way of allowing multiple readers of one magazine to pay the original vendor using a system of QR codes

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5. Water for Africa takes part in the Paris Marathon

In the first of a new series, James Gordon-MacIntosh looks at a campaign you may have missed, focusing on inspired creative, not the big headlines

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6. KFC attacks copycat shops, but does it make itself look bad in the process?

Colonel Sanders cruises the streets spotting KFC ‘pretenders’ in an ad that relies too much on cultural appropriation says Kim Allain

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7. Campaigns that champion the super humans of this world

Paying lip-service to how disability affects us all is not enough. These campaigns answer a problem creatively, with insight and innovation at their core. A personal and professional look at these issues from Dan Howarth

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8. Is British Vogue and L'Oreal's special edition on ageism, ageist?

In a welcome effort to address ageism in the fashion industry, Shirin Majid suggests Vogue & L'Oreal's attempt to be ageless may have simply tapped into all the old cliches 

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9. This heartbreaking Instagram Holocaust diary Eva.Stories makes sure we never forget

Eva Heyman was murdered when she was 13 in Auschwitz, dozens of mini-stories bring her back to life on Instagram for Holocaust Remembrance Day, reviewed by Graham Goodkind

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10. MoneySuperMarket moves away from entertaining to ‘dull’ advertising

The new campaign from MoneySuperMarket leaves Ian Irving anything but calm

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