Our Top 5 Creative Moments for April

Welcome to our Top 5 Creative Moments from last month. As always, it is an eclectic snapshot of your faves and each, in their own way, pack a punch.

At the top spot we have Vogue’s ageism issue that may be deemed ageist by its very nature. Shirin Majid explores this idea further.

Next up we have our first double review with two of our contributors looking at the same campaign for Burger King, but taking from it two very different views - thanks to Naresh Subhash and Jonathan Brigden for their opinions.

We are pleased that two features from our recently launched KREATIVHAUS page made it into the Top 5 with Naresh Subhash looking at the subjectivity of art including its price tag and who decides what is worth it and what is not, and a unique Q&A from designer Toby Tinsley who created the Virgin Galactic and Virgin Voyages figureheads. He tells us all about the creative processes he went through to craft these iconic designs.

We finish with a funny and relevant film from Paddy Power starring Eric Cantona and the Brexit Bunker where he can escape it all…..a 5 star review from Kim Allain for Creative Moment.


1. Is British Vogue and L'Oreal's special edition on ageism, ageist?

In a welcome effort to address ageism in the fashion industry, Vogue and L'Oreal's attempt to be ageless may have simply tapped into all the old cliches suggests Shirin Majid.

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2. Burger King’s Burn That Ad campaign: One idea but here are two contrasting reviews

An app that lets you ‘burn’ rival fast-food ads? Naresh Subash loves it, but Jonathan Brigden isn’t so keen…

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3. Who decides what great taste is? And do some pieces of modern art really deserve their multi-million pound price tags?

Naresh Subhash attempts to take an objective view of the subjective by analysing what separates good taste from bad taste in the art world.

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4. Toby Tinsley talks us through the creative process behind his iconic Virgin Galactic and Virgin Voyages figureheads

In this Q&A, designer and illustrator Toby Tinsley tells us about the inspiration behind these two aspirational creations.

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5. Cantona finally makes a decent film as Paddy Power launches its very own Brexit Bunker

One lucky Brit gets the chance to escape everything Brexit in a fortified hideaway in the middle of the English Channel, and Kim Allain tells us all about it in this 5 star review.

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