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Our top 5 Creative Moments for January | Creative Moment

Our top 5 Creative Moments for January

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Our top 5 Creative Moments for January

Can it be the end of January already? 

If the weeks have not flown by for you, and all your resolutions are like distant memories, we hope that these top five Creative Moments will cheer you up. For those of you having a brilliant 2020, these reviews will help you to maintain your good mood!

There is something for everyone here, from social media hits from Sainsbury’s and Madame Tussauds to the beautifully crafted animated film to celebrate the end of VW’s Beetle.


1. Sainsbury’s on Twitter

The supermarket scores a hit on social media by highlighting just how much Beyoncé’s/adidas’s new range looks like its own uniform. 

However, Talker Tailor Trouble Maker's Steve Strickland is far from impressed by Sainsbury’s actions.

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2. Budweiser Superbowl ad

No huge celebrity faces, no flashy camera tricks or big productions, this ad focuses on those moments of human affection, both ordinary and extraordinary, to reassert what it means to be an ‘American’. 

It gets four stars from freuds' Jordan Kavanagh.

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3. Madame Tussauds PR hijack

Talker Tailor Trouble Maker's Kim Allain gives top marks for this genius move. 

Reacting to all the headlines about Meghan and Harry, Madame Tussauds announced that it had removed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from its royal line-up, to host them in another part of its waxwork world. 

And social media erupted!

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4. VW Beetle’s final hurrah

The Last Mile animated film is a tribute to the VW Beetle, marking its place in history as the model is taken out of production completely. 

Grayling's Kevan Barber says this is the perfect send off.

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5. Spotify’s ‘Wrapped’ campaign

For THE OUT's Aaron Cole this is a big hit, as Spotify celebrated what we listened to in 2019 and this year with a gift of a playlist with a few surprise tunes including Don Henley’s The Boys of Summer...

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