Our Top 5 Creative Moments for February

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Our Top 5 Creative Moments for February

This February has seen the hottest day ever recorded at this time of year, whilst at Creative Moment we have enjoyed some sizzling reviews. 

Our hottest review this month is Paddy Power’s funny turn from Ryan Giggs’ brother, whilst the more serious reviews that grabbed your attention include heart-rendering stories from Guinness and organ donation charities.

Most devastating of all is the film from the Guardian about Cornelius Walker, a boy whose life was deeply affected by Damilola Taylor’s murder.

It is not just the brilliant that captured your imaginations this month, it is also the farcical, as Huawei’s campaign fails to hit the mark.

1. Oh Brother! Rhodri Giggs says ‘loyalty is dead’ in the latest Paddy Power campaign

In this witty ad, Ryan Giggs’ brother alludes to the well-publicised affair with his wife whilst getting Paddy Power’s message across. 

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2. Why Joe Cole and Michael Owen's performance in Huawei's latest campaign is ruled offside

Almost everything that can go wrong, does go wrong, in this mobile phone ad.

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3. Oscar nominated, this film tells the story of Cornelius Walker whose life changed forever after the murder of Damilola Taylor

A heart-breaking film from the Guardian where Walker says: ‘Trying to fit in with white bullies left me feeling lost’.

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4. Why this powerful Lewis Capaldi music video starring Peter Capaldi is a hit for organ-donation charities

It’s wonderful to see such an innovative use of media, done simply, and for such an emotive and tricky subject.

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5. A great try: Guinness’s emotive ad kicks off its sponsorship of the Six Nations

This ad, featuring two Welsh brothers honouring their mum by spending their inheritance on following Wales, perfectly captures the spirit of the game.

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