Reflections on reflections

Going to the Southbank in London is never time wasted, even on a dreary, drizzly day. whether you are going to the Royal Festival Hall, pottering about the Winter Market or just watching the skate boarders at Southbank Undercroft. If you are planning a trip, I recommend catching the exhibition Space Shifters at the Hayward Gallery which is on until 6 January.

Mirroring reality
A sculpture exhibition wouldn’t usually be top of my list, but this one captivated me, despite the fact that it is so full of mirrors I kept catching sight of myself when I least expected it, which gave me a few nasty turns. The gallery is full of installations made from mirrors and other reflective materials. There are also objects created from glass and resin that distort your view, making people on the other side of the sculptures seem to appear from nowhere. The whole experience was a delight, because seeing things differently, unexpectedly and in an original way is always a treat for the mind, as well as for the eyes.

Shiny and new
The exhibition contains a wide range of sculptures from 20 artists dating from the 1960s to today, in all sorts of materials that alter perceptions, including an installation that uses engine oil from Richard Wilson. For me, highlights were Sky Mirror by Anish Kapoor and Yayoi Kusama’s mirrored balls.

From Eureka! to reality
Finding a new perspective is often the way towards brilliant creative ideas. And when you turn things on their heads, it can lead to those Eureka! moments that make up for all the hard slog that will then follow to turn your fantastic idea into a fantastic reality.

(Image credits: Mark Blower)