A film by SIMPOL encourages voters to unite on climate change to influence governments

A film by SIMPOL encourages voters to unite on climate change to influence governments

‘Changing the World is SIMPOL.'

SIMPOL is the Simultaneous Policy campaign. This film, voiced by Sir Mark Rylance, explains why so little action is being taken by governments on climate change and other global issues and presents new thinking on how we can transform the world with our votes.

Businessman and SIMPOL founder, John Bunzl, comments: “Coronavirus has propelled global issues up the urgency chain. With many people feeling helpless in the face of problems beyond any nation’s control - and with plenty of time to reflect - the pandemic presents an opportunity to define our future and find effective solutions. Now is the time to build back a better, stronger, more cooperative world and to fuel the existing appetite for change, by joining SIMPOL.”

The mixed-media film - created by Tubby Brother Films and narrated by award-winning actor and SIMPOL supporter Sir Mark Rylance - explains how ‘Destructive Global Competition’ means no single government is willing to make the first move to solve global issues for fear of losing inward investors, multinationals and the jobs they bring. It also introduces the idea of a ‘world-centric’ solution, driving governments to implement policies simultaneously so that no nation loses out.

Climate change, tax avoidance and wealth inequality are just a few of the global issues Simpol can help resolve. By signing up, citizens show politicians they will give strong voting preference to candidates who have pledged to implement SIMPOL’s policies simultaneously, alongside other governments.

Nick Duffell, psychotherapist and co-author of ‘The SIMPOL Solution: Solving global problems could be easier than we think’ comments: “The record turnout numbers for the US election suggest people are finally saying 'enough is enough'. There's a renewed acknowledgement that people have power with votes - and it's effective, and now, with SIMPOL, we can direct this energy towards constructive solutions.”

Citizens who support SIMPOL have already caused over one hundred UK members of Parliament from all major parties to sign on to SIMPOL so far. A growing number of MPs in other countries have also signed on. As democratic nations are driven to join the process, non-democratic nations are expected to follow.

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