Step into the magical mind of Tim Walker at Wonderful Things exhibition

Step into the magical mind of Tim Walker at Wonderful Things exhibition

You have until 22 March to catch Tim Walker’s Wonderful Things exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum, and it would be a crime to miss this. 

If you like your pictures in black and white, a harsh chronicle of the world as it is, then fair enough, perhaps this isn’t for you. 

If you are attracted to the whimsical, fantastical and colourful, then get down to the V&A right now, because you will want to see this exhibition several times.

About Walker
Tim Walker is known for his creative fashion photographs that have graced Vogue magazine for over a decade. Born in 1970, Walker gained a BA in photography from Exeter College of Art, before working as a freelance photographic assistant in London. This was followed by a move to New York City to assist photographer Richard Avedon. After returning to England, he soon started working for Vogue.

As well as fashion photography, Walker is known for film making and his first short film in won best short film award the Chicago United Film Festival in 2011.

Walker is no stranger to winning accolades: he was awarded the Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator from The British Fashion Council in 2008; the Infinity Award from The International Center of Photography in 2009; and in 2012 Walker received an Honorary Fellowship from the Royal Photographic Society.

About the show
This exhibition is what happens when you let a genious creative mind loose in one of the most brilliant museums in the world. For this exhibition, Walker visited the V&A's object stores and conservation studios, 145 public galleries, and even clambered over the roof. The pictures have been inspired by everything he saw, from jewelled snuff boxes to a huge photograph of the Bayeux Tapestry

The first room has something for everyone: pastel-coloured cats; a house-sized baby doll; tiny pictures just above the floor pictures; whilst shiny white plastic drips from the ceiling as if the room is melting.

After this, each room opens up like a box of delights. It is not just fashion that is showcased, the body itself is celebrated, culminating in a series called The Land of Living Men showing naked, muscled men adorning the English countryside. So refreshing to see so many penises, when so many art exhibitions seem obsessed with breasts.

Fantasy world
Our world is amazing, our fashions are brilliant and the V&A is one of the wonders of our country. Tim Walker’s photographs highlight and exaggerate the incredible and fantastical – who needs drugs when you can take a trip into someone else’s creative mind and be bombarded with such vibrant colours, images and sensations?

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