The art of holidaying

As I sit here suffering from jetlag, I am hoping that my recent holiday is going to be a source of inspiration rather than causing a mental block. Has sitting on white coral beaches contemplating the ocean renewed my battery or drained it? A bit of both, as slowing down for ten days makes it harder to rev up again on a Monday morning, but having experienced a completely different culture and seen wildlife and scenery that is so alien has, with luck, broadened my perspective.

Switching off

I chose to not switch off from all social media and emails, as I couldn’t face a mountain of surprises when reunited with the computer screen back in the office. Many believe that to properly recharge and rewire the brain, a complete technology detox is required. So I apologise, this column would have been far more exciting and brimming with new ideas if I had been brave enough to disconnect myself.

Fake reality

Anyway, I needed to keep my phone on at all times so I could take pictures. My friends must be all anticipation at the thought of seeing them! I have decided not to post them on social media, because I have an unease about holiday pics online. Lots of shots of happy faces and gorgeous scenery… where are the snaps of family fights, details of holiday bugs and insect bites, descriptions of feelings of ‘so what?’, tales of being squashed on airplanes, being ripped off, of missing home?

I am not saying everyone should pour out their misery on social media, but the constant posts saying ‘look at me! And the fantastic time I am having!’ paint an unbalanced picture of life. You can see why people could feel like their lives are shit in comparison. It is fair enough for brands to augment reality, they are trying to sell something after all, but why join in? What are you trying to sell?

Holiday time

Summer ads are full of sunshine, laughter and exotic locations. One reason why you need a holiday right now is to get some fresh ideas for your next campaign. But maybe you should plan a trip to the North Pole, as after all, now is the ideal time to plan your next killer Christmas campaign...

What do you think? Should we go cold turkey on technology to get away from it all? And if we do, does it do us any good in the end if we come home to a mountain of emails?

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Written by Daney Parker, editor of Creative Moment