The Colonel to “Take It From Here” with tongue-in-cheek campaign from Mother London

The Colonel to “Take It From Here” with tongue-in-cheek campaign from Mother London

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A campaign by Mother London

Since KFC closed its doors to its adoring fans on the 23rd March, the fried chicken connoisseurs have been working non-stop to find a way to bring back their iconic mix of 11 herbs and spices in a safe and responsible way.

A gradual restaurant reopening is well underway and, fortunately for some of those die-hard fans who have been trying (and failing, sorry guys!) to recreate their beloved fried chicken at home, KFC is back on the menu. 

#RateMyKFC garnered hundreds of tweets and an unprecedented engagement rate of 101% over the past six weeks – as fans got their wings in a twist about not having their favourite fried chicken in their lives.

KFC is back

And so, as the number of KFC restaurants open for delivery in the UK and Ireland reaches 500, Mother London has cooked up a campaign to make sure fans know KFC is back.

Images have been borrowed* from the fans’ attempts and showcased in a 30 second televisual feast. 

The campaign kicks off with a tongue-in-cheek TV commercial, where user photography of their efforts is played out against the soundtrack of All By Myself by Celine Dion. As the iconic beat kicks in, KFC reassures that “we’ll take it from here.” 

Jack Hinchliffe, Marketing Director at KFC UK & Ireland:“500 restaurants reopening is a huge milestone. It’s credit to the hard work of all of our amazing teams in restaurants and we wanted to celebrate the moment. We’ve loved seeing the nation’s homemade efforts whilst we’ve been away, so including a few of them in our new ad is the perfect tribute. Some of the creations looked incredible, some less so... now that we’re back on delivery, probably best we take it from here!”

*don’t worry, the creators have been rewarded for sharing their creations with KFC, plus they get the satisfaction of seeing their handiwork on TV.


Client: KFC UK & Ireland
We’ll take it from here… 
All By Myself by Celine Dion

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