Our Top 5 Creative Moments for November

Our Top 5 Creative Moments for November

Farewell autumn, hello winter...

...And the build up to Christmas (let’s not mention the election!). 

To help dispel any gloom you may be experiencing, here are some shining examples of Creative Moment reviews to brighten up your day.

These are your top five reviews from November – there are a couple of Christmas ads, naturally, with Argos beating John Lewis in the views of our writers. 

Other winners are Canal+ with three entertaining short films and a classic black-and-white commercial from Levi’s that hasn’t aged a bit despite being made 26 years ago.


1. Deliveroo's monster

Deliveroo created an advert to show that it’s a delivery service that has food to suit the tastes of everyone on these cold, dark nights. 

It decided to air the ad in every commercial break on every channel that shows adverts at every hour of the day. And in doing so it may have created a monster says Will Holloway.

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2. Canal+ and Netflix

To announce the new streaming offer, Canal+ worked with its agency BETC to create a mini saga of three laugh-out-loud videos that really hit the spot for James Cross. 

He awards this campaign a full five stars.

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3. Argos book of dreams

Top of the Christmas tree as far as Nik Govier is concerned is this wonderful ad from Argos that will strike a chord with any children from the 80s. 

It captures the joy of choosing from the Argos catalogue, bringing to life gifts. 

You will also love this if you are a fan of Simple Minds.

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4. Levi's drugstore

This classic ad has been a winner in the view of Guy Moore for the last 26 years.

Made in 1993, it’s called Levi’s ‘Drugstore’ and it’s set as a retro-like, black-and-white movie featuring a young man going to the local drug or grocery store to purchase condoms. 

Sit back and enjoy an ad made in a time when TV commercials were better than the

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5. John Lewis Edgar

This festive fancy from John Lewis and Waitrose didn’t get top marks from James Hoyle, despite the cuteness of Excitable Edgar. 

The battle of the Christmas ads is a hard one to win, but at least this ad pulls out many of the stops that the British public expect  – a good story and a lovable main character.

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