Top five music videos celebrating London

Top five music videos celebrating London

Tired of Life

Samuel Johnson’s quote about London must be one of the most famous quotes of all time. I actually disagree with his assertion “That when a man is tired of London he is tired of life”, because even when I am sick and tired of life, I absolutely LOVE London.

And here are five videos of London that celebrate different aspects of the city you must watch. So get a coffee, plug in the headphones and enjoy.

Stormzy, Vossi Bop

You have to watch this one, never mind how great London looks, this is one of my favourite videos of all time. Great filming, choreography, fantastic kids and the music isn’t bad either. 

Most incredible of all - London is empty. Empty! 

Oh how I would love to enjoy London without all those grumpy Londoners and slow-walking tourists bumping into me. Credz to the crew, they must have had to get up at dawn to capture London when it is that quiet. I suppose I could try that too one day, but I am not just tired of life, I am plain tired.

The Verve, Bitter Sweet Symphony

Talking of people bumping into people, I love how Richard Ashcroft barges straight into anyone in his path, even knocking them over if need be, like a Roman road keeping to a straight line. 

This is a far less glamorous version of London, but you have to keep it real (man).

Coldplay, Fix You

Ah London at night, again, far fewer people than you would expect and the song is nice and relaxing. Much better than a real trip to Kings Cross and is that Vauxhall at the beginning? 

My partner was mugged once there in that tunnel (or a similar one), so it brings back memories.

Yes, like all the films so far this shows London’s gritty side as well as its architectural triumphs.

Sugababes, About You Now

Something for everyone in this film, glossy city shots, a few landmarks (always nice to catch a glimpse of St Paul’s Cathedral), plus a few shots of London’s grimy streets. 

You are never too far away from a grimy street in London. 

And you are even closer to a rat, so they say.

Pet Shop Boys, London

This is the London I know, although I have never seen the Pet Shop Boys busking anywhere… 

From Piccadilly Circus to Soho, this is like a day trip to the city in just a few minutes.

If you aren’t tired of London after watching all that lot, I salute you!

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