What's not to like about Sky's new campaign that celebrates Formula 1’s rich heritage?

What's not to like about Sky's new campaign that celebrates Formula 1’s rich heritage?

The Background

Sky Creative Agency has produced a beautiful new campaign that celebrates both Formula 1’s rich heritage and (according to Sky) its exciting future. 

The campaign is wide and across varied media channels with the pinnacle being the TV ad that travels through time via a single camera move and witnesses carefully selected key chapters of F1’s history, building to the latest chapter of the 2019 season.

The campaign sets out to mark Sky Sports becoming the home of live and exclusive F1. The brand set out to deliver a campaign that both celebrates the sport’s history and reflect the excitement for its future, and frankly, in my opinion, the result is bloody brilliant. 

I feel that the entire project endeavours to craft a campaign which really does justice to both the Sky and F1 brand and it has been delivered to perfection.

The Big Idea

I have read that the internal Sky Creative Agency worked closely with production house Knucklehead and director Lieven van Baelen to deliver the launch film for Sky Sports’ forthcoming, exclusive live broadcasting of the 2019 Formula One season. 

The commercial/film celebrates F1’s rich history and back catalogue of memorable stars and key moments travelling, in one seamless camera move, through the drama of the pit lane from the 1950s to the present day.

Key chapters of F1’s story are played out one era at a time with staggering attention to detail. Authenticity was key and both original and reproduction cars, props, helmets and costumes were used along with lookalikes and clever make-up. Former World Champions Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg joined the cast. It’s also said that the seminal Ayrton Senna’s seven-million-pound McLaren that he won the 1988 F1 World Championship in is playing a part in the ad.

I’ve read that Knucklehead and Sky Creative Agency worked with key Formula 1 teams to source authentic cars and enthusiastic collectors contributed with props. Authentic replicas of some of the F1 driving suits were also brought to life by the fantastic costume team. 

The Review

I score this very highly because the rich heritage of F1 seems to have been forgotten in recent seasons partly in an attempt to engage new younger audiences, with the focus always on the likes of Lewis Hamilton. 

As someone who cannot stand Lewis Hamilton, I love the fact that the creative team have given him very little time in the spotlight. 

It is also wonderful to see the true legend of F1 Michael Schumacher mentioned.

In Hindsight

I can’t see any better way to re-engage the F1 fan base and highlight all that has gone before to make the sport as exciting as it can be. 

Over the years the sport has had many disappointments and even become boring, but this type of campaign triggers a new interest in the sport.

The campaign is first class and is activated to perfection across all of the media that the brand has used. 

I think all involved should be very proud of their endeavours.

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