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For my first column on creative work that inspires, I thought I would pick a piece of art, or maybe an artist. The problem is what, or who, to choose? Just in the last few months I have seen incredible paintings, prints and film installations in London galleries including Tate Britain, Tate Modern, The Royal Academy and The National Gallery. Outside of London I have visited the Leeds Art Gallery, Manchester Art Gallery and the stunning Manchester Whitworth Gallery. All for free.

Quiet contemplation

How lucky we are to have such a wealth of inspiration available to us without having to pay for it. You may have to fork out for particular exhibitions, if you want to overdose on Picasso for example, but you would never run out of great art to see if you wander around the free galleries, which have the additional benefit of being less busy than the current feted exhibitions.

Cheap day out

Taking young kids out is always exhausting, and often expensive, which is why it is so fantastic that we can take children to see some of the best art in the world, for absolutely nothing. Although it was a bit embarrassing when my family was once asked to leave a Tate room because our son was trying to turn off a video installation…

Awe-inspiring genius

Just one picture in a gallery can change your perspective, fill you with awe, or perhaps make you feel that you could do better than that! Centuries ago, when I was young, I remember loving going to art galleries, and spending ages in the shop afterwards selecting postcards to Blu Tack onto my walls. Now, my own children’s bedroom walls are covered with postcards from exhibitions they have loved.

Creative-industry value

We are so privileged to be able to knock ourselves out with so much art contained in so many excellent free galleries in this country. And of course there are all our national museums too. We are spoilt, but maybe this is one reason why the UK’s creative industry is booming. According to government statistics at the end of 2017, the creative industries’ contribution to the UK is worth £92bn, and is growing at twice the rate of the economy. Okay, maybe the availability of free art can’t take all the credit for this, but it must play a part.

Written by Daney Parker, editor of Creative Moment

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