10 Days London calls out greenwashing in what they say is 'the greatest corporate film ever made'

10 Days London calls out greenwashing in what they say is 'the greatest corporate film ever made'

Fed up with the corporate world’s hypocrisy, challenger brand wherefromcalls out the worst type of corporate greenwashing—the cliche corporate film. 

So they made “The greatest corporate film ever made”. The creative and production was by 10 Days London.

This humorous, subversive 5-minute film takes aim at the corporate films that highlight how much they are doing for the environment, whilst failing to mention that these “sustainability” initiatives are just a distraction, whilst the corporates continue to put profits before people and the planet:

“You see, some companies are greasy liars who choose profits over sustainability. Hitting you with clever advertising to bamboozle your tiny brains into believing their nonsense. You know, the ukulele and whistle ads. The ads with the hessian sacks; the windmill farm at dusk; dripping wet organicproduce;andtheseeminglylobotomisedfarming people… Meanwhile, they’re a subsidiary of a subsidiary of a mega conglomerate, raking in profits almost as fast as they're destroying the environment.”

The playful tone is deliberately tongue in cheek, as part of wherefrom’s belief that sustainability should be more transparent, common sense and ultimately, more fun.

Adam Williams, co-founder of wherefrom said; “Sustainability is portrayed as holier than thou, guilt-tripping and ultimately boring. Theres no need for thisSustainability should be fun, self-deprecating and much more entertaining.”

Greenwashing is happening in so many guises. The latest—the consumer blame game. 

Brands are now quick to shirk responsibility onto consumers blaming consumer behaviour instead of their own impact. Most recently, Boohoo.com subtly blamed consumers by stating they did not make “throw-away clothes” as a retort to the fast fashion industry fuelling climate change, whilst announcing that they are only 20% sustainable in production for this summer. In the wake of the IPCC report on climate change and Greta Thunberg’s recent interview in Vogue criticising fast fashion, Boohoo.com and the fashion industry have a long way to go.

Challengers wherefrom are on a mission to change the way people shop so that crowdsourced sustainability scores are as valuable as the price they are charged for.

For now, wherefrom is putting pressure on brands to change and improve their scores, whilst using marketing to subvert the ridiculous corporate norms associated with lack of change.

Owain Pennington, creative director at 10 Days commented: “Most corporate films are so broad, they have no point. A pudding-like form of media: edgeless, mindless and oh openly greenwashing. So we made this. Kudos to our clients Adam and Dave for making this the greatest corporate film ever made.”


Agency: 10 Days
Wherefrom // Adam Williams & David Cook
“The Greatest Corporate Film Ever Made”
 10 Days
Owain Pennington
Creative Director:
Jolyon White
DOP: Jolyon White
Sound & Music: 
Dominic White
Owain Pennington
George White
Jolyon White
George White
Alex White

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