Aduro launches #paidleavetogrieve pushing for an official flexible bereavement policy for all UK workers

Aduro launches #paidleavetogrieve pushing for an official flexible bereavement policy for all UK workers

Aduro Communications launched a new campaign for C.P.J. Field, the UK’s longest running funeral directors (and 7th oldest family business in Britain). The #PaidLeaveToGrieve campaign encourages all UK employers to offer a flexible paid bereavement policy to its staff.

The campaign will see C.P.J. Field petition to introduce an official, flexible policy for all UK workers.

Aduro Communications developed the creative and produced all of the campaign content, leading with video content featuring Stacey Heale, widow of Greg Gilbert, the lead singer of indie band Delays, and Flora Baker, a freelance travel and grief writer whose parents both died in her twenties. 

Stacey and Flora share their experiences with grief and reiterate the need for a paid leave to grieve policy.

Consumers can show support by signing the #PaidLeaveToGrieve petition, and UK employers will be able to download an employer pack featuring template policy wording and conversation guides from the CPJ Field website.

A policy review has already taken place at Aduro led by founder Natalie Luke and creative director Poppy Lewis. On implementing the policy across the agency, Natalie comments: “Our three year partnership with C.P.J. Field has further educated us to the different forms of grief and we understand that a ‘one size fits all’ is not always the best approach for staff wellbeing. Our policy, inspired by this campaign, ensures our staff feel supported in their time of need and is one we’re passionate is implemented across the industry.”

It is estimated that bereavement at work costs the UK economy £23bn a year through reduced tax revenue and increased use of NHS and social care services. Investing in appropriate bereavement leave and support could lead to a significant long-term saving for the UK economy through reduced absence and increased productivity.

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