Life imitating AI: AI is building entire brand worlds, and life is imitating them

Life imitating AI: AI is building entire brand worlds, and life is imitating them

A spate of AI-created ‘brandverses’ are popping up across social media, and some real-life spaces seem to be taking inspiration.

What wouldn’t have been possible a year ago, is now commonplace: AI generated scenery, and it’s now being put to the test to create truly stunning brand ‘spaces’.

This modern phenomenon can be hit and miss, but when Midjourney gurus get it right, we get a vivid depiction of what might happen in the real world with unlimited time and budget.

Dotty designs

A few recent examples illustrate the concept in action, with this adidas-inspired piece based on Kusama's "dot obsession", made by Credit: Sebastien Ollier.

What’s interesting here is how the AI can cross pollinate the aesthetics of both adidas and a famous artist to create something unique.

Lush creations

Even more lavish is this design for cosmetics brand Lush: a brand we reckon was ripe for an AI makeover, given its famous high street engulfing scents.

Fashion brands, reimagined

On first view I was convinced this was an actual bit of experiential activity. Billed as a ‘harmonious fusion of luxury brand and iconic London charm’, the Louis Vuitton Pop-up Travel Bus concept shows the power of the AI medium’s mind-blowing realism.

Meanwhile, this collection of big name fashion brands reimagined by our AI overlords, is certainly on point. The Versace store is particularly believable as a real world-ready concept.

Life imitating AI

And finally, upon seeing this experiential activity, I had the opposite reaction to the above bus concept: initially convinced this was an AI creation. A glimpse of a scary and uncertain future, perhaps, but we have to tip our hats to 100Architects for making us rethink our reality for a second there.

All of this makes you think, is the world going in a direction where not only household name brands, but our own personal passions, tastes and moods will be reflected in vivid AI realisations? In the future, are we all set to become brands for 15 minutes?

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