Amazon Prime's ads show how binge watching TV 'stays with you'

Amazon Prime's ads show how binge watching TV 'stays with you'

The Background

Amazon Prime Video has a relatively new partnership with agency Droga5 London, and this work represents the first creative fruits of that relationship.

The Big Idea

Make binge watchers believe that great shows stay with you; in order – I assume – to make Amazon customers value their subscriptions and  prospective customers consider Prime. 

Droga5’s David Kolbusz said of the work: ‘The culture of binge watching makes it so that we get to know characters a lot faster and with greater intensity than ever before… we wanted to make a campaign that reflected that reality in an entertaining way’.

What They Did

Four, 60-second spots tell fantastic, humble and fun stories of ordinary people having their lives affected for the better by their Amazon Prime ‘subconscious’. Their favourite characters – who occupy a prominent place in their heads – bring out the best in them.

The Review

I knew this concept was a hit when I found myself chuckling to the first one I saw even though I don’t know the show it’s based on. 

That’s the beauty of this series – you don’t need to know the subject matter to get the joke. In fact, I’m more intrigued to watch Vikings purely because of how it empowers the everyday (if a little submissive) working woman in this spot to stop taking shit. The scenes Droga5 has created are relatable without being dull and humorous without being forced. 

I’m also a huge fan of the less-is-more approach it has taken to showing clips. It makes the adverts feel special and all the more bespoke because – let’s be honest – we all get a little bit tired of clip-based promo after promo after promo, etc. 

Conclusion: I absolutely love it.

In Hindsight

I tend to review fresh creative so I either leave this section embarrassingly blank or I go out on a limb, high-risk style! 

I’m fairly confident that this series will overachieve on the objectives Amazon Prime marketing set it. Anything that really and genuinely humanises storytelling without being embarrassingly over-the-top is certain to garner attention. For me, these spots are the next best thing after a mate telling me he really enjoyed watching XYZ. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. 

Strike that; actually I would. 

I’d have made more.

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