Bodyform launches new period pants that #letyourbodyflow

Bodyform launches new period pants that #letyourbodyflow

Beautifying, poeticising and celebrating periods.

Essity, creator of Libresse and Bodyform, shares its latest campaign to mark the launch of intimawear by Bodyform™, a range of sustainable period pants, designed to let your body go with the flow. 

#LetYourBodyFlow follows on from years of taboo-breaking work including the award-winning #BloodNormal in 2017, Viva La Vulva in 2018 and #wombstories in 2020. The launch of #LetYourBodyFlow will celebrate the reality of periods, clots and all and the reality that as hard as they can be to predict, periods aren’t an enemy to eradicate.

intimawear by Bodyform™ is the result of decades of expertise in period protection and designed to let your body flow. Now, you can get ready for the stoppy-starty, calm then stormy, often messy, sometimes lovely, never sorry, period – without having to worry.

To launch its new period pants, Bodyform created a campaign that’s all about beautifying, poeticising and celebrating periods. #LetYourBodyFlow showcases real people in real situations, shot beautifully and empathetically. They are empowered, but not posey, comfortable in their skins and in the pants. At the centre is the realism of all different kinds of blood; shooting in creative ways to make blood into art. Changing the way we see periods from disgusting or shameful fluids that should be hidden, to something cinematic and fundamental.

Periods and their management are always represented as something pretty neat and simple, arriving reliably on time like an on/off button, and representing as neat and managable flow. But in reality, our bodies, lives, cycles and periods are far from orderly and predictable. They constantly vary, fluctuate, surprise us, and we often feel like something’s wrong with us if it’s not all neat and simple. Constantly having to double-check our bodies, pre-plan, re-plan and stress over it. And today Bodyform will tackle this assumption, breaking the taboos by showing the realism of all different kinds of flows and period experiences.

By showing women’s experiences, Bodyform wants to give a voice to the unseen, unspoken and unknown truths about women’s bodies. 

Bodyform recognises it’s time to show periods from a different angle. An angle where, as hard to predict as they can be, periods aren’t shown as an enemy to eradicate. An angle of truth, beauty and complexity, where our bodies aren’t seen as disgusting or defective because we flow. And Bodyform’s latest taboo-breaking campaign explores these realities – mess, clots and all, just the joy of letting your body do its thing that comes from intimawear by Bodyform™.

"As a leader in feminine care, Bodyform truly understands women’s physiology and their rich, fluid inner lives – and have created a period pant that can take it on, again and again.

Our underwear serves more than just a function. intimawear by Bodyform™ is a symbol of going with the flow and embracing our amazing, fluctuating biology. We should be able to put our underwear on with confidence and let our body do its thing. Periods are normal and showing the reality and beauty of them should be too, which is exactly what we’ve expressed through our campaign."

Tanja Grubner, Feminine Care Global Marketing & Communications Direction, Essity


Client: Essity
Brand: Bodyform
Campaign Title: #LetYourBodyFlow
Client name: Tanja Grubner, Global Marketing & Communications Director, Femcare
Client name: Francesca Marcuzzo, Global Digital Manager, Femcare
Client name: Ute Bey, Global Innovation Director
Agency: AMV BBDO
CCO: Alex Grieve
ECDs: Nadja Lossgott and Nicholas Hulley
Creative Director: Toby Allen and Jim Hilson
Copywriter & Art Director: Augustine Cerf and Lauren Peters
Designer: Vanessa Fowler Kendall
Agency Planner: Margaux Revol, Marina Glavan and Bridget Angear
Agency Account Team: Philippa Field, Helen Limbrey, Susan Ogonda, Aneesha Ghattora, Sarah Hore-Lacy and Sarah Douglas
Agency TV Producer: Darapen Vongsa-Nga
Production Company: Canada London
Director: Femke Huurdeman
Production Co. Producer: Davey Ahern
DOP: Deepa Keshvala
Photographer: Vic Lentaigne
Editor: Nikolaj Belzer
Post-production Company: Okay Studio
Colourist: Ruth Wardell
Flame: Bevis Jones & Robin McGloin
AFX: Faris Hallaq
Post Producer: Hazel Gibson
Sound Studio: 750 mph
Audio Post-production: Sam Ashwell
Music composition: Dolce
Business Affairs: Michelle Holmes
PR Agency: Ketchum

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