Case Study: School of Life and Natalka Design

Case Study: School of Life and Natalka Design

The Brief

Natalka Design was tasked with creating an animated video for the School of Life’s YouTube channel, which has nearly 9 million followers. 

The goal was to address psychological barriers in an engaging and accessible way, as the topic can be seen as complicated, with many dimensions to consider for the viewer. We opted for a simple, visually appealing style to ensure the content was easily digestible and impactful.

The Strategy

Our strategy aimed to reach a broad audience, reflecting the universal nature of psychological challenges and School of Life audience. We used minimalist visuals with selective colour highlights to maintain focus and enhance memory retention. 

A non-binary character was chosen to maximize inclusivity, ensuring the content resonated with diverse viewers without bias.

Case Study: School of Life and Natalka Design

The Results

The video exceeded expectations, amassing 220,000 views, 12K likes, and nearly 400 positive comments within weeks. 

Viewers appreciated the simplicity and clarity, noting the video’s ability to hold their attention and make complex concepts easily understandable. The engagement underscored the effectiveness of our neuroscience-informed approach, demonstrating that our use of scientific principles significantly enhanced the video’s impact and resonance.

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