Claire Bridge's #CreativeLeap is now open to questions, ask anything!

Claire Bridge's #CreativeLeap is now open to questions, ask anything!

Hundreds of the creatively curious have joined us for our month-long experiment – the Creative Leap!

From trying new creativity tools, to finding fresh perspectives on familiar topics to gaining insights on your own and others creative processes, we have loved seeing your responses to the daily activities.

Did you take part? 

It doesn't matter if you engaged on 1, 5 or every day! Just by taking part you would have demonstrated openness to new ways of doing things, curiosity and if you stuck with it, persistence! All key aspects of creativity.

We’ve had loads of great questions posed as part of the three different ‘ask the team anything’ days. 

Some of the best conversations we have in our training sessions and, of course, when we’re coaching, come from people asking us – and themselves – great questions.

So, we thought we’d open it up to Creative Moment readers – is there anything that you’d like to know about this great big soup that is creativity, strategy or your creative career?

You can ask Now Go Create Founder Claire anything and we’ll try to help #creativity. 

We also have award-winning ex-planner and strategist Anahita on our team, and she’s tackled chewy challenges for brands including Playstation and the UK government. Anahita shared some of her go-to workshop tools as part of the Leap.

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Mike Tyson.

The world of strategy is a subject that has the power to intimidate & confuse. 

Still we need the ability to interrogate the problem at hand before we dive into our creative thinking. So, you can also pose a question to our in-house Strategy Ninja Anahita anything strategy-related #strategy

Matthew Burgess worked client-side at the Discovery Channel in innovation for nearly a decade, and he is also our in-house coaching Ninja so if your questions are more personal or career-based, ask him anything #creativecoach.

Here are 4 of Matthew’s favourite coaching questions for starters:

  1. Go outside. Sit somewhere where you can see a lot of people passing. If you had to ask one of these people to help you with your challenge who would it be? Why? What help would they give you?
  2. How can you immerse yourself more deeply in the problem?
  3. Think about the last time you felt that someone ‘got’ you. When was it? How did they manage to understand you so well? What can you do to make that happen more often?
  4. What can you do that will slow everything down? When things are moving more slowly, what else do you see?

So, go ahead – ask us anything!

Just tweet any of us your questions this week and we’ll answer as many as we can for next week’s column. 

If you have something you’d prefer to ask in confidence, email Claire and she’ll get back to you

Tweet us now @nowgocreate @creativemoment and we’ll do our best to answer. 


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