Corona recruits everyday Mexicans to narrate football matches in their native language

Corona recruits everyday Mexicans to narrate football matches in their native language

Mexicans are football mad.

It's the most popular sport there but sadly, not always accessible for all.

Although match broadcasts are done exclusively in Spanish, there are actually 68 different native languages spoken in the country.

Corona bills itself as a truly Mexican brand so taking note of how indigenous populations were excluded from enjoying the sport, they stepped in to help.

Brilliantly, Corona asked for every day people to come forward if they wanted the opportunity to broadcast a live football match in their native language. 

They put a call out on local radio stations in remote areas for people who wanted to narrate the game in Yucatec Maya, Zapoteca, Mixe and Nahuatl to name but a few.

The response was off the scale. 

About 850 people turned up to 'audition' as a sportscaster—most of whom had no experience of this kind of thing, but they had a passion; a passion for their language to be heard, for their culture and community to be recognised and seen.

I love this for its intention, spirit and execution.

It was a such a natural fit and like all memorable creative work, it was surprising.

An unknown statistic to many, the fact that sport was always broadcast in Spanish was just an accepted practice. To create a campaign around this insight and then bring together real people with the sport they love, was a joy to watch. Smiles all round.

Creative agency We Believers is responsible for this beauty and as well as supremely enhancing Corona's already positive reputation in Mexico, it, most importantly, was inclusive and meaningful to the communities it worked with. 

In the absence of a reliable online translation tool for native languages, I'll just say in Spanish, excelente trabajo - or maybe the universally understood  praise, bravo! 

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