Creative Corner: Lego's MRI scanner, Dying Light 2 billboard, IKEA's 3D meatballs and Netflix's All Of Us Are Dead

Creative Corner: Lego's MRI scanner, Dying Light 2 billboard, IKEA's 3D meatballs and Netflix's All Of Us Are Dead

Happy Friday, all!

Congratulations for surviving all 53 days of January.

Enjoy this horror and Scandi-packed edition of Creative Corner.

Lego MRI

Chances are you’ve already seen this but HEY, we’re all about posterity.

LEGO Group employee Erik Ullerlund Staehr came up with the idea to build a LEGO model of an MRI scanner with the hope of easing children’s anxieties in hospital, helping them to better understand the loud, potentially scary process and reassure them of its safety.

The MRI model is now being built by toymakers and employees across the world to be donated to local hospitals.

Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 is the impending sequel to 2015’s (at times frankly terrifying) horror survival-cum-first person parkour video game.

As the sun goes down, the infected zombie-like inhabitants of the in-game world become something MUCH worse. This clever creative billboard, spotted in Warsaw, Poland demonstrates that brilliantly— mirroring the game’s central concept.

I’m a sucker for a good billboard effort.

Balls to IKEA

In a bid to entice ‘diverse and extraordinary tech talent’ to apply for more than 150 tech and innovation roles, Sweden’s best export (excluding our MD Anders) is inviting jobseekers for a job interview… over 3D-printed plant-based meatballs.

These (press release speak incoming) ‘never-before-served 3D-printed meatballs’ are being offered as part of the ‘Taste the Future’ recruitment campaign, in line with a commitment to offer 50% plant-based main meals in IKEA restaurants by 2025.

Interested in a role? Nosey? Head to the campaign site here.

All of Us Are Dead

In the second horror-orientated campaign of the week, hats off to Netflix Thailand for creating something that toes a controversial line brilliantly.

Following in the footsteps of AMC’s Walking Dead truck from 2011 - with ‘zombie’ hands reaching from underneath a truck’s shutter, and then adding a video layer - the streaming giant has wrapped a school bus in digital screens to promote the new series ‘All of Us Are Dead’.

Brilliantly done, and as with the Dying Light creative, contextually relevant, given the show’s zombie apocalypse begins in a high school.

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