Creative Corner: Extraordinary potatoes, bacon wrapping paper and Christmas fried chicken

Creative Corner: Extraordinary potatoes, bacon wrapping paper and Christmas fried chicken

‘Helô, pawb. Croeso i Creative Corner!’ (That's hello everyone, welcome to Creative Corner in Welsh if you didn't know!)

As I write this it’s just ONE MONTH until Christmas Day and it feels like the calm before the festive storm here at Creative Corner. 

That’s not to say there isn’t plenty of great work happening (as you’ll see below) but as we all missed out on countless creative campaigns in 2020, I’m particularly excited to see this year’s offerings. 

Do send any you see or are working on our way so we can include them here! Deets below.

PO-TAY-TOES? Boil ‘em, mash ‘em, put ‘em in an opera!

Alright, I may have paraphrased Sam Gamgee there, but Albert Bartlett potatoes would certainly approve if their latest ad campaign is anything to go by.

The humble potato is being celebrated with its very own aria and acrobatics under the campaign’s theme ‘Make It Extraordinary’. 

A collaboration between creative and research agency, Guy & Co, production company, Infinite and media agency, Carat, the advert brings together a whole host of global talent. The impressive acrobatic stylings of Canada’s Flip Fabrique circus group, including social media phenomenon Jacob Grégoire, are set against a potato-themed musical re-composition of Verdi’s classic “Libiamo, ne’ lieti calici” from La Traviata, arranged by renowned composer Debbie Wiseman OBE.

Slick execution, an unexpected mash-up (sorry, not sorry), and a touch of humour makes this a fun watch. 

Keep an eye out for the next phases of the campaign, including social media competitions on TikTok and Instagram (judged by Jacob) with the top prize being an ‘extraordinary’ trip to London to meet Michel Roux Jr at his restaurant, Le Gavroche.

Livin’ in a bacon paradise

Do you spend ages buying the perfect present, only for the wrapping to let it down? Then you’re in luck this Christmas because Hormel Foods has decided that wrapping paper featuring images of its Black Label Bacon is just the thing to make your gifts sizzle.

Launched by none other than (w)rapper Coolio in a three-minute video, the Gangsta’s Paradise star shows us how to wrap gifts the bacon way.

Why Coolio, you ask? Well aside from the rapping/wrapping wordplay, it turns out he’s also written a cookbook!

Fans can get their greasy mitts on limited edition scented (yes you read correctly - bacon scented) wrapping paper by entering a ballot which closes today.

YO! Ho! Ho! JFC launches in the UK

YO! Sushi has gone all tongue in cheek this week with the announcement of a ‘Bucket Exchange’ as it launches JFC (Japanese Fried Chicken) across the UK.

The Bucket Exchange allows punters to swap any empty buckets of chicken from rival stores for free JFC.

Eating fried chicken at Christmas is a long held Japanese tradition which has been going for decades so in the spirit of the holiday season YO! has decided to bring that tradition to the UK. JFC is available throughout December.

Thanks to Andy Garner at Grayling for emailing this over!

And finally…

Who said great creativity existed only in the marketing/PR/ad space? 

Thanks to the power of Twitter (specifically @HopeandGloryPR’s feed!) I stumbled across—a website that’s collated the sounds cars make when they have certain problems.

Users can diagnose anything from engine piston problems to exhaust and suspension issues using the sound files on site. You can even submit your own noise to be added to the library.

It’s a great creative solution that can stop people attempting a ‘Boris-Johnson-at-the-CBI-conference’ and making a dodgy car noise impression in front of a mechanic to explain the problem. 

We’ve all done it, right? RIGHT?!

Ahem...anyway calling dibs on it for use in a future campaign because you just know this will spark an idea somewhere!

And that brings things to an end this week. Hwyl Fawr, pawb! (Goodbye everyone!)

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See you next week with some delicious creative treats.

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