In the Creative Corner this week we have Winnie-the-Pooh, Airbnb, Disney, Google and Macmillan packing a creative punch

In the Creative Corner this week we have Winnie-the-Pooh, Airbnb, Disney, Google and Macmillan packing a creative punch

Happy Friday, you beautiful, creative people.

I hope your weeks have been full of signed-off ideas, zero physical altercations with grumpy brand finance directors and at least a tiny bit of late summer sun.

We’re into week three of Creative Corner, a Friday column celebrating creative brand marketing.

I’m parking myself again in the still-warm (gross) driver’s seat vacated by my esteemed colleague Angharad, having enjoyed a few too many stubby Red Stripes at last Thursday’s #SummerPRty (I generally despise out-of-context hashtags, but… if I unironically type Summer PRty I might actually have to punch my own face in penance). So, thank you to anybody reading that came. Who knew PRs enjoyed a free bar quite so much!?


Hunny to the (AirBn)B

I make zero apologies for that, first and foremost.

Moving quickly on, this campaign is a genuine joy.

Marking the 95th anniversary of the original Winnie-the-Pooh book, Airbnb and Disney built a faithful recreation of Pooh’s house in Asdown Forest in East Sussex, the wooded area that inspired the Hundred Acre Forest. Members of the public can book to stay in it on either the 24th or 25th of September.

Dubbed ‘Bearbnb’, the campaign was handled by The Academy (on behalf of Disney) and Hope & Glory (on behalf of Airbnb). If we allow the somewhat clunky ‘95th anniversary!’ aspect to slide (let ye who has not Googled to find relevant birthdays and anniversaries to match creative ideas cast the first stone), this really is a great example of budget, brand equity, nostalgia, imagination, a reason to link to the listing and actual execution combining in a winning way. 

With more honey stocking the larders than you can shake a poohstick at, there’s very little I don’t love about it.

Google it

“It’s not our questions that define us, it’s what we do with the answers.”

That’s the insight that led to this ad from Google, complete with a voiceover from Marcus Rashford MBE (note, NOT Maro Itoje, Gavin).

It’s a lovely way to focus on Google’s primary service, and a creative way to remind people that ignorance and wilful ignorance are two very different things.

Shout out to my mate Kayne Harrison for his fleet-footed turn in the ceilidh scene.

Chillin like a Macmillan

What do you do when you don’t have Google, Airbnb and Disney budgets, but still want to make some noise? You dive into the British biscuit barrel of light controversy, head straight to Canva and see just how many ways you can confuse, annoy and delight people, that’s what.

Macmillan Cancer is famous for its incredible work, and its coffee mornings. It’s a short hop to biscuits for the charity, and this week, they caused general mischief with this tweet, predominantly for the inclusion of Weetabix and Jaffa Cakes:

As pointed out when suggesting campaigns for today’s column, Source PR’s Jessica Pardoe highlighted how the post was not only shared ten thousand plus times, but picked a lot of media coverage up too, with journalists scrambling to find 500 word-ways to say ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

It’s almost nice to have something so silly again, isn’t it?

Cue the inevitable brand social pile-on that follows tweets like this, and Macmillan’s social team should go into the weekend feeling very proud of themselves indeed.

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