#DetoxYourFeed: Dove exposes the insidious nature of beauty advice online for teenage girls

#DetoxYourFeed: Dove exposes the insidious nature of beauty advice online for teenage girls

1 in 2 girls say idealised beauty advice on social media results in low self esteem.

Teens in the US are spending increasing amounts of time on social media. The new Dove Self-Esteem Project research proves this to be true. 

2 in 3 girls in the US are spending more than an hour each day on social media, which is more than they are spending in person with friends

Beauty advice fills their feeds, but unfortunately, it is not all positive. In fact, 1 in 2 girls say idealised beauty content on social media causes low self-esteem.

In a longform campaign film, Toxic Influence, mothers and their teens engage in a dialogue around harmful beauty advice on social media. 

The film highlights dangerous topics like “fitspo”, “thinspo” and the promotion of elective cosmetic procedures to young girls. 

Mums who participated were surprised to learn that this type of harmful beauty advice has become normalised for their daughters. 

They were inspired to have the important conversations around what their daughters are seeing in their feeds.

Take control of what you scroll.

The Dove Self-Esteem Project research concluded that the majority of girls realise that less time on social media and taking control of what they scroll, is part of the solution. In fact, 7 in 10 girls felt better after unfollowing idealised beauty content on social media.

For years, Dove has championed wider definitions of beauty and has taken action towards making social media a more positive place with campaigns like #SpeakBeautiful, #NoDigitalDistortion and Reverse Selfie/Selfie Talk.

The Dove Self-Esteem Project is launching the #DetoxYourFeed campaign to empower teens to define their own beauty standards and choose their own influences by inviting them to unfollow anything that doesn’t make them feel good about themselves. Through a series of films, educational content, and partnerships with inspiring voices, the campaign encourages necessary conversations between parents, caregivers and teens about the dangers of toxic beauty advice.

“We’ve identified a clear problem that is eroding the self-esteem of our girls and needs immediate attention and action. We created this #DetoxYourFeed campaign to not only raise awareness around the insidious nature of toxic beauty advice, but to also help parents navigate tough conversations and empower teens to unfollow content that makes them feel bad about themselves,” says Leandro Barreto, Global Vice President of Dove. “While it may be a bit overwhelming at times, we hope it will contribute to important conversations that lead to a more positive experience for teens on social media.”

80% of girls would like their parents to talk to them about how to manage idealised beauty posts, so the Dove Self-Esteem Project has developed academically-validated resources and tools to help parents navigate important conversations with their kids and empower teens to #DetoxYourFeed.

Additional resources to change the way parents and teens think and talk about beauty will also be made available. The Dove Real Talk Parent workshop – a free, virtual, live-stream event and Q&A session being held on May 12th with cultural expert Jess Weiner and leading psychotherapist Nadia Addesi – will provide parents with the tools to fight toxic influence on teens’ social media feeds.

Registered social worker and psychotherapist, Nadia Addesi, who has used her expertise to foster digital self-esteem for her community on TikTok, says “This campaign is important as public discourse grows around the harmful effects social media can have on girls. It contextualises the insidious nature of harmful beauty advice that’s become normalised in teens’ feeds. While it might feel harmless, given half of girls say social media causes low self-esteem, ongoing exposure has the potential to have a negative and lasting impact.“

The Dove Self-Esteem Project is the world’s largest provider of body confidence education globally, reaching more than 82 million young people across 150 countries to-date through initiatives like the #DetoxYourFeed campaign. In the US alone, Dove reaches more than 6 million children a year, through partnerships with The Boys & Girls Club and America and education consultancy, Cairn Guidance. By 2030, Dove will have helped 250 million kids and teens boost their self-esteem through educational programming and no-cost resources.


In the spirit of borderless creativity, #DetoxYourFeed was created by Ogilvy's global Unilever team with contributions from the UK, US, and Sweden.

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