The Renter: Rightmove celebrates the freedom of renting

The Renter: Rightmove celebrates the freedom of renting

Rightmove and Fold7 create ‘The Renter’, bringing to life the exciting possibilities that renting offers.

Remote working has made us all rethink the kind of lives we want to live, and geographically where we want to be. Renting is sometimes seen as the less preferable choice, when in fact there are many renters who enjoy the freedom it provides.

The Renter tells a tale of a woman who lives exactly as she chooses thanks to freedoms and flexibilities renting gives her - “she settles in, stays out, and can snap up the dream job in Wensleydale.” From living by the seaside, to being in the city, then moving to the countryside, the renter can try on different lives for size in order to “find what’s right for right now.”

The centrepiece of the campaign is a 60’ TV ad.

Written by creatives Jo and Kiran, Fold7 worked with Stink director Owen Trevor, to create a film with an energy reflecting the freedom and dynamism of renting.

Ryan Newey, CCO Fold7, says:Finding your happy doesn’t only mean falling in love with the home you buy, it can be about falling in love with the lifestyle and possibilities you have as a renter.”

Iain Kennedy, marketing director at Rightmove, adds: “Through this campaign, we hope to stimulate the market further by encouraging movers to 'explore the life that could be' and get moving.”


Head of Marketing:
Iain Kennedy
Owen Trevor
Production Company: Stink
Exec Producer:
Jon Chads
Prod Co Producer:
Ben Roberts
Simon Chaudoir
Ryan Boucher @ Whitehouse Post
Post House:
Dan Sanders @ Black Kite
Richard Fearon @ Black Kite
Sound Studio:
Mike Bovill @ 750mph

Creative Team:
Jo Taylor & Kiran Strickland
CCO: Ryan Newey
Account Director:
Sarah Rodrigues
Michelle Hickey

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