Barnardo's bedtime storybook offers reassurance to children anxious about the pandemic

Barnardo's bedtime storybook offers reassurance to children anxious about the pandemic

Forever Beta is publishing a bedtime storybook specifically written to remind and reassure children that there is hope and happiness to look forward to beyond the pandemic.

Even with children back at school, the pandemic will still limit our lives, and the lives of our children, for months to come.

“There’s a Place Where There’s no Pandemic” uses fond memories of the world before the pandemic to gently remind children - and their parents - that once the pandemic ends, the world will still be a place where they can hug they’re loved ones or visit their granny, where people are smiling and they can feel safe.

100% of the proceeds will go to Barnardo’s. 

Aimed at children aged between four and 10 years old, it is priced at £9.99 with all proceeds going to Barnardos and Forever Beta paying for all production and printing costs.

The book was written by Forever Beta creatives Majken Gram and Felipe Faria (their first one), after witnessing the effect the pandemic was having on the children around them, realising how easy it was to forget how stressful it must all be to a child.

Their desire to help was solidified when they saw research from the University of Oxford showing that during the first lockdown children aged 4-10 years of age saw increases in emotional difficulties, such as feeling unhappy, worried, being clingy as well as further physical symptoms associated with worry.

The book was illustrated by Bruno Rovarotto whose aim with the design was to create ordinary moments, such as meeting neighbours or visiting granny, and portray them in the most extraordinary way.

Majken Gram and Felipe Faria, the authors of the book, said: “We - as adults - are so stressed out about home working and home-schooling and everything else right now that we forget how stressful this situation is to our kids, how much this weighs on their minds. So we wanted to create a safe space for the kids - a place where there’s no pandemic that they can go to in their dreams.”

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