Get away from this screen and have an adventure suggests South Western Railway

Get away from this screen and have an adventure suggests South Western Railway

The Background

If it wasn’t hard enough being a parent, these days you feel extra guilt every time you see your kids glued to a screen – shouldn’t they be outside having fun? 

One of the ideas behind South Western Railway’s latest campaign is that parents can do something positive by taking the family out for brilliant days out, and naturally, they should travel by train.  

Before you read this review further, I should disclose some personal interests. 

First, I hate cars and love trains. 

Second, I am a regular customer of South Western Railway as I have no choice living where I do. 

And third, I love a day out. So this campaign was bound to be right up my street.

What They Did

A TV commercial was created that shows a family going on days out, and each place they pick up a ‘friend’ who stays with them on their further adventures. 

After visiting an aquarium a seal joins them, after a museum a mummy is part of their group, and then an astronaut, and so on…. 

This is to illustrate the main line of the campaign which is ‘Great days never leave you’. 

The ad also transports you (sorry!) to destinations on the South Western Railway network, from city to countryside to seaside. 

The ad was made by Alicia Job and Jessica Watson, and directed by Nic Goffey and Dominic Hawley through Outsider Films. The whole campaign also includes out-of-home, radio, social and influencer activity.

The Review

Usually the second the ads come on I switch over, which is a terrible confession for a media journalist (note to self: maybe delete this line later when editing this feature in case future commissioning editors are reading). 

But before my finger reached for the BBC1 button, I was distracted by the start of this ad, and before I knew it I had watched the whole thing. This is high praise, even higher would be if my partner should ever pause before changing channel, but I have never known this to happen.                     

I was captured by the creative thought that had gone into epitomising what it feels like to go out for a day. It is so true! 

The memories you make on a day trip shine so much more brightly than days from your normal routine. 
As the ad says, ‘they never leave you’.  

I also loved the realisation of the ad, the concept of memories being depicted as actual people (and a seal) is simple, neat and memorable.

In Hindsight

As a journalist (a bad one, as previously confessed), being critical and cynical are part of the job description. 

However, I cannot think of a bad thing to say about this ad. 

So to distract you from my ineptness, I recommend taking a look at this video which I came across whilst doing my background research, it is a speeded up film of a South Western Railway train getting its new livery by Stewart Signs. 

Enjoy with a cup of tea

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