Have you had your Weetabix (and beans)?

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Have you had your Weetabix (and beans)?
Have you had your Weetabix (and beans)?

Have you had your Weetabix (and beans)?

Dan Andrews, founder and CEO, the tree

It isn’t every day that Amazon, Google, the NHS and the US embassy (among many others) give their two cents on Weetabix.

It highlights the genius of the brand’s latest move.

With one bold tweet it created a frenzy on social that crosses international, cultural and linguistic dividing lines. It bridges the gaps between industries, the public and private sectors, and individuals and groups.

“We found... no intelligence,” tweeted GCHQ. “That tweet should come with a health warning,” posted the NHS. Wenzel’s the Bakers, posting a photo of milk being poured on toast, turned its attention to Greggs: “Has this left you feeling a bit soggy?”

Piers Morgan even tried the now-notorious combo on Good Morning Britain. How’s that for a real-world outcome, created by thinking social?

This is a story that’s more than viral. It’s uber-viral.

And guess what? The stunt cost absolutely nothing but the price of a can of baked beans.

Not bad for a breakfast cereal.

That’s the power of thinking social.

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