How AI technology is moving on but still leaving women behind

How AI technology is moving on but still leaving women behind

AI image-to-text is one of the most advanced technologies today.

However, according to WIZO (Women's International Zionist Organization), this advanced technology leaves women behind.

It's new campaign tests what happens when artificial intelligence is asked to draw a CEO, doctor, and president. And the results? Men, men and some more men.

During the creative process, WIZO tried over 1000 wordings and styles using Midjourney's artificial intelligence platform, but none of the generated images included a woman. 

Our team selects the most versatile images to show up in the ads to highlight the contrast between the beautiful art created by this advanced technology and the message it sends to women.

The campaign includes 3 print ads drawn by artificial intelligence and published in newspapers on Tuesday 25/10, one week before the Israeli election, to stimulate public discourse—because we all know that the AI results are just a symptom of a much bigger problem.

We hope girls around the world grow up in a place where AI sees them as potential CEOs, because we’re convinced it truly does have an impact on their lives.

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