Marvel demonstrates its superpowers with experiential X-Men Airbnb

Marvel demonstrates its superpowers with experiential X-Men Airbnb

The Walt Disney Company and Marvel’s latest experiential stunt for its nostalgic X-Men ’97 reboot involves an ambitious Airbnb tie-in. Is this the ultimate in fan immersion?

The original X-Men 1997 cartoon was a landmark moment of my childhood, locking me in Cyclops-like concentration as I chewed my morning Cheerios.

Ever since, it’s felt as if Hollywood producers have unwittingly enshrined 14-year-old me as the head of an insider focus group, petulantly demanding more comic book adaptations and novelty brand tie-ins like a pyjama-clad dictator.

While I refuse to take responsibility for a few less than valiant Marvel offerings of late, ahem, it’s surprising that it took this long for the '90s version of the animated X-Men series to make a proper comeback.

Given that I’ve just revealed a clear comic-related bias, perhaps you should take with a pinch of salt my declaration that Crash at the X-Mansion in New Castle, New York, United States - Airbnb might be the high point of Western capitalism thus far.

What is this madness?

Airbnb has transformed a private mansion in Westchester, N.Y. - a locale famously known as the home of the X-Men in Marvel comics - into an exact replica of the mutant manor from "X-Men '97."

Decked out in the 2-D animation style of the Disney+ series, the mansion boasts replicas of Wolverine's and Jubilee's bedrooms, Beast's science lab, the telepathic Cerebro device, the Danger Room, and other iconic features. Adding to the immersive experience, visitors are greeted by the severed head of an evil, robotic Sentinel as they arrive.

Part of Airbnb's new ‘Icons’ line, the "X-Men '97" mansion is among a series of experiences worldwide inspired by movies, TV, music, and art. Alongside it are the likes of the "Up" balloon house, Riley's Headquarters from "Inside Out 2," Prince's "Purple Rain" home, and more.

Most of these iconic locations are free or cost less than $100 per guest and can be booked through the app, complete with a countdown timer indicating availability. Over 4,000 fortunate guests will have the opportunity to visit these Icons in 2024.

Marvel demonstrates its superpowers with experiential X-Men Airbnb

Just read the blurb from the Airbnb page if you don’t believe me…

“What you’ll do...
The X-Mansion is the best place for you and other mutants to learn about and control your awesome mutant gifts. Your stay will be packed with training, cool experiments, secret mission briefings, a class photo and more! When you’re wiped out, crash in my room, Wolverine’s or one of our other dorms.”

And check out the attention to detail on the host bio section.

This is brand pandering at its finest.

Marvel demonstrates its superpowers with experiential X-Men Airbnb

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