'Our Wait Is Over': Unique animation from BBC Creative welcomes back the Euros

'Our Wait Is Over': Unique animation from BBC Creative welcomes back the Euros

Our wait is over.

The campaign from BBC Creative takes place in a waiting room big enough to fit the whole of Europe. Players and fans sit side by side idly trying to pass the time. In one corner Gareth Bale is working on his putting trying to get a gold ball into a mug, in another Kylian Mbappe is swapping football stickers, and all the while Cristiano Ronaldo is relentlessly pounding the treadmill.

Suddenly the calm is broken when a cheer erupts and everyone realises the tournament is finally here.

The players start a kick about that builds in intensity until it has to be brought under control by a nearby referee. At this point the doors open and players and fans exit the waiting room into the bright summer sunshine for the start of the tournament. 

Our wait is over.

Directed by Nicos Livesey out of Blinkink, this 60 second animation features thousands of beautifully observed hand-drawn characters and is set to the new The Chemical Brothers track, 'The Darkness That You Fear'.

Sometimes we all have to wait for the things we want, and we’ve all waited a long time for this year’s Euros.

Four years turned into five. Football shirts and sticker books were put back in draws. Dreams of glory and redemption remained on the shelf.

Fans would have to wait to cheer and players would have to wait to play. But all this waiting didn’t make us forget - if anything, it made it mean more.

'Our Wait Is Over': Unique animation from BBC Creative welcomes back the Euros

James Cross, creative director, BBC Creative

"The piece took four months to create but, of course, 16 months since we originally started and had to can our original trailer days before we were about to start shooting. We wanted to encapsulate the wait we’ve all experienced for summer football, and acknowledge how agonising that can be for many of us.

Our decision to execute in animation, we believe, gives us a unique creative freedom in a sector dominated by brand endorsement deals and exclusive player appearances. Being the BBC, of course, we don’t have that, but we turn that to our advantage in two ways.

Firstly, there’s executional stand out. Few, historically, have or will use animation to promote the tournament. This gives us something unique, but also allows us to focus on the craft of the piece, to delight our audiences in a different way.

Secondly, animation helps us circumnavigate the difficulty of getting footballers to appear, and do things integral to the idea we’re executing. Being professional sportspeople, the desire to perform and take part is relatively low, this way we can get Mbappe to trade stickers, Ronaldo to run on a treadmill, and Harry Maguire to inflate a unicorn without any awkward agent conversations or multiple takes."

'Our Wait Is Over': Unique animation from BBC Creative welcomes back the Euros


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