SheSays launches a social campaign addressing the real reasons women and non-binary people are resigning

SheSays launches a social campaign addressing the real reasons women and non-binary people are resigning

Dear Creative Industries...

SheSays, the global careers and mentorship creative network for women and non-binary people, has launched a social campaign that shows the real reasons why women and non-binary people are resigning from roles within creative industries and answers the question ‘why has she gone?’.

The visual campaign, which is a series of six resignation letters, was created from insights* shared by over 100 women and non-binary people within the advertising, marketing, and media industries, in various positions, to expose the truth behind why they are leaving jobs. 

With 71% leaving roles and 55% stating the experiences ‘increased their mental health issues around stress, anxiety and depression’ SheSays wanted to be honest about ‘why has she gone?’.

The creative uses dark humour to show the horrendous lived experiences of many women and non-binary people working in our industry. It acts as the voice for many who can’t speak up and unveils the real letter that so many would have wanted to write. Each letter addresses core issues of sexism, sexual harassment, menopause, mental health, being ignored and unfairly overlooked.

Amy Dick, UK President of SheSays, said: “We want people who identify as women or non-binary to know they are seen and heard. We want creative industry leaders and colleagues to use the campaign to get a better understanding of what's happening in our industry. You have the power to stop resignations and negative experiences from happening daily. Yes, it’s great to see the IPA census figures show more women are in agencies but ask yourself, are they happy? And will they stay and progress? When you are marginalised, it's incredibly hard to not only get to the top, but to stay there long-term. Why? Because the compounding effects of discrimination are huge obstacles to success. Most are pushed out prematurely or stagnate. That's an enormous problem”.

“The best way to celebrate International Women’s Day is by taking action.”

SheSays have created a dedicated resources page to offer support and guidance on multiple issues that were raised through our wellbeing research.

*SheSays surveyed its global community and women and non-binary people currently working within the advertising industry.


Creative Director: Sarah Musker
Creative Director:
Laura McGovern
Creative Director:
Tamryn Kerr
Art Direction and Design:
Kim Weiner
Ana Grigorovici
Producer / Editor:
Isabel Barker
Charlotte Read, PRcentric
Chair of Mental Health First Aid England & Strategist:
Adah Parris
SheSays UK President & Executive Producer:
Amy Dick

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