Stella Artois and Lenny Kravitz urge us to savour moments together in new Super Bowl ad

Stella Artois and Lenny Kravitz urge us to savour moments together in new Super Bowl ad

A campaign by Mother London

An official sponsor of the NFL, Anheuser-Busch’s Stella Artois will use its stage at Super Bowl LV to spread a piece of investment advice that comes from the heart. Known for encouraging everyone to savour time with those who matter most, Stella Artois will inspire people to invest their fortune of heartbeats - all 2.5 billion of them - in moments together in the brand’s new campaign: “Invest Your Heartbeats In The Life Artois.”

Through this program, the brand will encourage everyone to invest in a diverse portfolio of unscripted nights, last-minute plans and good times spent laughing and loving with a Stella Artois in hand and those dearest to you. The return? Accruing fond memories together that will be savored for a lifetime.

“Over the last year, many of us have found the value of investing our heartbeats and time in each other and discovered all kinds of new ways to come together safely to make memories,said Lara Krug, VP of Marketing, Stella Artois. 

“Well into the new year now, we want to inspire everyone to keep hedging their bets in shared moments together, so we’re taking the campaign to an exceptionally poignant platform that has long brought people together, Super Bowl LV.”

Life is short

To get everyone in on the value of investing in each other, Stella Artois collaborated with Grammy Award-winning rock musician Lenny Kravitz for the new film, “Heartbeat Billionaire,” airing during Super Bowl LV on Sunday, February 7.

In the musical film, Lenny Kravitz’s message of love is delivered via poetic spoken word as the beloved rocker plays to the (heart) beat of his own drum and guitar. As his famous song “It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over” chimes in, Kravitz is transported to the brand’s animated and colourful interpretation of The Life Artois - the Stella Artois mindset of savouring life together with those who matter most.

“This life is short, and while we’re all given the opportunity to live through 2.5 billion heartbeats, each one is special and should be treated as such,”said Lenny Kravitz.“It’s a very powerful message and it comes at a very special moment for everyone to pause and marvel at life’s true riches - our time with each other.”


Brand: Stella Artois
Campaign: Heartbeat Billionaire
Agency: Mother London

Director and Artistic Director: Quentin Baillieux

Executive Producer: Jean François Bourrel
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Producer: Stella Ramsden
Production Assistant: François de Rosanbo
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Line Producer:
Bleuenn Mallat
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LIVE ACTION: Mark Seliger Studio
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Dake Gonzalez for
Editorial House: Cosmo Street Editorial
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