The Karen Diner: MSL's Kim Allain explains why this foodie stunt leaves a bad taste

The Karen Diner: MSL's Kim Allain explains why this foodie stunt leaves a bad taste

The Background

We all know a Karen. And not just in name. 

I know some really lovely Karen’s – but in the character type. The nosey one who involves herself into situations no one asked her to. The I-want-to-speak-to-your-manager type. She even has a hair style that people recognise as the Karen Cut. 

We all know a Karen.

The Big Idea

A restaurant in Sheffield has created a pop-up restaurant named after the infamous character type. 

Customers will be waited on by rude staff members in order for them to really embody their inner Karen. With restaurants already found in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, Brits now have the opportunity to have a meal and a moan.

The Review

I love a good stunt – especially a food one. I really do. 

However, this one is a STINKER. 

Now round up kiddo’s, we are about to have a class in session. 

I knooow we all see Karen as the I-want-to-see-the-manager type. The thinks-she-is-always-right type. I knoooow some of us think she’s funny, but to others she is insidious.

The ‘Karen’ moniker came to play as Black and brown people became tired of being confronted by Karen types for just being. 

For being Black and walking their dog. For being Black and living in an area Karen didn’t think they should live. For being Black and just existing. The birth of Karen came from videos of Karen harassing people.

Now it may come across as still funny to some, but I dare you be in a Karen situation. I have. 

Being Black and sitting in my car outside my own house. Karen took pictures and called the police – because I could never live there or own that car. Its traumatising. Aggravating. I spent days so angry just at everything because of it.

Basically, what I’m saying is ‘Karen’ is an insidious, passive aggressive, racist and I have no idea why we are role playing this character type. 

Call me woke, call me a snowflake, but I call this A STINKER.

And that's before we've even considered all the nice people called Karen in the world who are currently being ostracised for apparently having the wrong name! 

All in all, not great.

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