Tommee Tippee launches global campaign to empower mothers to feed the way that works for them

Tommee Tippee launches global campaign to empower mothers to feed the way that works for them

Tommee Tippee launches a global campaign to demystify the complex realities of feeding for new and prospective mums, redefining how the parenting category speaks to women.

Tommee Tippee’s Boob Life campaign aims to drive awareness and spark conversation as 94% of surveyed mums agree that feeding needs to be spoken about more openly

The Boob Life, by creative brand communications agency Manifest, is a unified multi-channel campaign incorporating a brand film and a six-part digital content series called ‘Spill the Milk.’ 

Launching internationally across the UK, Australia and USA, the campaign promotes two new additions to Tommee Tippee’s Made for Me range; first-of-its-kind Breast Pads available in different shapes, sizes and absorbances, and a Double Electric Breast Pump.

Raw, honest and intimate, the campaign features real mums, babies and breast milk in all their natural glory.

It captures a variety of stories about feeding from different women across the world, including Lorna, a bottle-feeding mum who has had a double mastectomy, and Hannah who combines breastfeeding with expressing so her husband can also help feed their twins.

It comes after Tommee Tippee and Manifest carried out global qualitative and quantitative research with over 750 women and uncovered that many first-time mothers feel underprepared for the realities of feeding. As one first-time mum, Hannah, said, “breastfeeding is the cruellest joke after labour, nobody tells you how hard it is going to be, or how it knocks you mentally.”

As the results show, the conversation around infant feeding has failed to serve women’s needs thus far. More than 7 in 10 (74%) of the women surveyed globally said they feel society overlooks breastfeeding challenges, with half (50%) admitting to feeling pressured to breastfeed, even if they struggle to do so. Shockingly, 56% of women revealed that breastfeeding affected their mental wellness.

Chomoi Picho-Owiny, creative director at Manifest, commented: “We spoke with women from all over the world who shared their unique experiences, revealing their hopes and fears surrounding feeding. There is a lot of expectation and pressure put upon new mothers who often feel they have to feed in a certain way, and too often this is compromising their own mental and physical health. Many women we spoke to wished people had been more real and honest with them, and it’s from this insight that The Boob Life was born.”

The brand film breaks down these stigmas by showcasing a full spectrum of feeding methods, empowering women to feed the way that is best for them, whether that involves breasts, bottles or pumps. The resounding message to them is clear; shape feeding around you, and feel confident whatever you do.

As an extension of the creative work, the longer-form episodic ‘Spill the Milk’ content series hones in on elements of feeding that are still shrouded in mystery, from ‘the latch’ to ‘milk supply’ and ‘dealing with judgement’ prompting an open dialogue which women can join.

Emma Corbett, campaign director at Manifest added, “Our ambition for The Boob Life was to disrupt the status quo and address the outdated conversation that surrounds infant feeding, to empower women to feel more confident about feeding. The Boob Life is a battle cry for women everywhere.

“We’re incredibly proud that we’ve been able to collaborate with Tommee Tippee and deliver such an honest message for women everywhere, and we hope people will feel inspired to continue the conversation and help us demystify the myths around infant feeding.”

Neil Knowles, global campaign and content manager at Tommee Tippee, said: “It is our mission to ensure all new mums can have positive feeding experiences, and with Manifest we’ve been able to develop a global strategy to help make that a reality. Up until now the category has failed to stand up against the challenges mums face when it comes feeding, and women across the world have been impacted by this.

“The Boob Life campaign tackles this issue head on. Grounded in insight, it empowers women to feel positive and proud about how they feed. A beautiful celebration of women which will set new standards and open the conversation of infant feeding.”

Created in partnership with Manchester based production company The Gate and award-winning director Fiona Burgess, The Boob Life is the first global campaign Manifest has delivered for Tommee Tippee since being appointed by the parenting brand in Spring 2020.


Creative Director: Chomoi Picho-Owiny
Campaign Director:
Emma Corbett
Account Director:
Emily Huyton
Campaign Manager:
Liana Maher

Fiona Burgess
Rhiannon Lewis
Production Manager:
Lindsay Cowan
Junior Producer:
Emily O’Brien
Casting Director:
Lee Mountjoy
Production Runner:
Abbi Simpson
1st AD:
Sarah Jones
Olan Collardy
Focus Puller:
Kim Vinegrad
Mark Jones
2nd AC/DIT:
Owen Cant
Chris Sarginson
Jenni Suitiala
Charlotte Stevens
Art Director:
Hannah Wilson
Standby Art Director:
Harry Mills
Rebecca Morgan
Lou Mccann
Makeup Assistant: Natalie Mckay
Spill The Milk Operator:
Matt Parry
Spill The Milk Operator:
Matt Gathercole
Spill The Milk Sound Recordist:
Rebecca Morgan
Unit Medic:
David Clayton
Taste The Love

Day 1
Sarah Morgad & Mila 
Natasha Mushonga & Lowi 
Burt & Silas 
Rhianne Starbuck (pregnant mum) 
Day 2
Hannah Renew & Leo & Xander
Lorna Amor & Scout
Hannah Powis & Aria
Georgia Davis-Saguiped & Wolfgang
Zoe Chan-Eayrs & River

The Boob Life Offline:
Jo Lewandowska at Okay Studio
Black Kite
The Gate Films
WWW by I.AM.EM supplied by Sentric Music
Spill The Milk Offline:
Harley Spence at The Gate Films

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